Health Benefits of Massage Revealed
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Health Benefits of Massage Revealed

Get the real truth about how good massage actually is for you

Many of our readers often ask what are the benefits of a Karma Massage, with regards to physical and mental health. The following infographic created by our friends at, explains it all beautifully..

  1. Lizzie3

    What a fantastically well laid out article! I love it. I am shocked at how little people get massaged to be quite honest. Only 4% do it for well-being, and only 16% for enjoyment? Wow. Well I’m definitely part of those small percentages 🙂 🙂 I go several times a month and still that isn’t enough 😉

  2. londonboy

    Hello Erica, I thoroughly enjoyed reading your above article. I always find it quite astonishing when I meet people who are unaware of the benefits one can enjoy during a massage. Tantric massage though is nothing short of mind-blowing I must say, the pleasure comes in so many forms. Anyway, keep up the good work 🙂