What happens in a Tantric Massage - Questions Answered
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What Happens in a Tantric Massage & What to Expect

Erica answers your questions to help you understand what exactly a tantric massage is.

I always get a few emails a week asking me questions about what exactly is involved in a tantric massage and the process in which it occurs. Before new clients are confident enough to go ahead and book a tantric massage, they want to know what is involved and quite rightly so.

At this point I must mention that tantric massages may differ, depending on which tantric masseuse you visit or which tantric massage agency you book a session with. Even so, the key parts of what makes up the tantric massage should be generally the same. We will use a massage booking with Karma Tantric as an example to find out what happens in a tantric massage.

  1. The Location

    Tantric massages can happen either at the masseuses location (known as a massage ‘incall‘) or at your location (known as a massage ‘outcall‘). If you are visiting on an incall massage, you will be provided the address when you make the massage booking. Most masseuses have a separate area within their home for tantric sessions, and the place will always be clean and inviting.

    If the lady is visiting you for an ‘outcall’, make sure there is a suitable area for her to provide the massage with no disturbances. Unless you have booked a couples massage, you should be the only one at the location (except for the masseuse that is!) She must have access to a shower and bathroom if required and clean towels should be available if you have them.

  2. Upon Arrival

    Once you have met with your masseuse you will have a brief conversation regarding the services she offers and the cost. You should already know the costs involved as this would have been discussed over the telephone when you made the booking or listed on the website. The standard etiquette is that money is exchanged before any massage services are commenced.

    The masseuse may ask that you shower before she begins which is standard hygiene practice so do not be offended if this happens. Once you have done so she will ask you to undress and lay in the massage area and the massage will prepare to begin the sensual tantric massage. The massage area will include soft lighting and candles, soothing music and scented oil burners.

  3. The Tantric Massage

    As I said previously, tantric massages vary in technique from masseuse to masseuse. This is because tantra has an element of creativity and spiritual connection with the client. The real skill of your masseuse will be to tailor the massage to what makes you feel comfortable by being sensitive to your likes and requirements. That is what a truly skilled tantric masseuse will achieve.

    All Karma Tantric massages include a body to body massage where the lady will slide her body against yours, lubricated by aromatherapy oils. This is an incredibly erotic experience and must be tried to be appreciated. The lady will form her body into different positions upon you to caress every inch of your skin against hers. Some masseuses use their long hair to caress your skin also and excite your lingham energies into action.

  4. The Finale

    The massage session usually will take place for a minimum of 60 mins, although longer sessions can be arranged if you require. Every Karma Tantric massage will finish with a spectacular energy release known as a happy ending. This means your lingham energies will be relieved and milked from your body in a wonderful spray of tantric wonder.

    When finished, your masseuse will leave you relaxed and content, to enjoy the peacefulness of total energy release. The sensation you will achieve is almost like floating on an air of tantric bliss…

To Conclude

I hope this has given you all an insight into exactly what happens in a tantric massage, especially those of you who are new to these types of happy ending massages. I welcome your comments and questions as usual, and would also recommend speaking to the team at Karma Tantric who are always happy to discuss your requirements and answer your queries. Call Karma Tantric today on 0207 898 3212..

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  1. TT_67

    This is just great thank you to whoever wrote this. I have been looking for days for a decent tantric massage. I did call up a couple of places and can you believe they put the phone down when I started asking questions.