Covid-19 Policy
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Karma Tantric Covid-19 (Corona Virus) Policy

How We Are Keeping Clients & Staff Safe (updated September 06th 2022)

As many of you will know, we have been closely monitoring the outbreak of Coronavirus (Covid-19) and have been taking necessary steps along the way, to keep everyone as safe as possible. After all, we have a social and moral responsibility to protect our Karma Girls and our valued Clients we offer services to.

After closely evaluating the current climate, we are now satisfied that we can, moving forward, confidently operate our services as usual. Although the risks of contraction are at their very lowest, we must still take certain increased precautionary measures to ensure the continued safety of our team and clientele.

As a result of this, we are pleased to present our comprehensive Hygiene & Safety protocols, to ensure the highest levels of hygiene and safety in our industry to date. This policy must be adhered to and all aspects are compulsory practise for the time being. We will continually review the current situation and update our policy on this page, if required.

Incall Location Hygiene Protocol

Incall location protocol governs the hygiene and safety of incall massage locations. Even though Karma Tantric operates the most stringent hygiene standards we have updated them to ensure the absolute safety of Clients and Karma Girls in the physical incall massage environment. Karma Girls are not permitted to operate their incall services unless these protocols are met and adhered to.

Towels & Bedding

All towels and bed linens are strictly single use per client.
All laundry is washed on a high heat setting with additional, antibacterial disinfectants added.
Used laundry is always kept separately from any clean unused items.
Hot towels are kept in their hot towel cabinets at high temperatures and use a UV light sanitising filter.

Domestic Hygeine

All door handles, light switches, oil bottles and any further objects or areas utilised are wiped down thoroughly with antibacterial products for each use.
Bathrooms are fully cleaned using bleach and antibacterial products for each use.
Flooring is also well cleaned with antibacterial products.
Mats for shoes worn outdoors will be designated in all entry ways.