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Authentic Tantric Massage in London

An Ancient Tantric Massage Ritual



With the tantalising Tantric Massage, you’re invited to experience the authentic sensuality of Tantra, an ancient art form passed down through many generations. Enjoy a sensual body to body massage that culminates in an explosive happy ending—guaranteed to leave you feeling fully relaxed in mind and body.

Karma Girls Who Provide Tantric Massage In London

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The Benefits Of A Tantric Massage

      Promotes healing and wellbeing

      Improves emotional balance

      Helps improve orgasm control and premature ejaculation

      Helps with overcoming erectile dysfunction

      Promotes ultimate relaxation in body and mind

      Boosts self-confidence

Looking For A Classic Tantric Massage? London Is The Place To Be

The Tantric Massage is a sacred sexual ritual that originates from medieval India. It’s an erotic massage specifically designed to create connection and achieve enlightenment through touch and breathing. It is one of the most popular massages for relieving sexual and emotional tension.

Our specialist tantric masseuses in London will welcome you into a secret sanctuary of peace, surrounded by candles and calming music. They will begin the Tantric Massage with long flowing strokes for tension relief before moving on to an arousing body to body massage. The massage will culminate in an explosive climax where you will feel your stress release and melt away.
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London Tantric Massage Locations

Our highly-trained tantric masseuses provide both calls at their own luxury apartments in Central London and outcalls to your Central London hotel or private residence – whichever is most convenient for you. We treat every booking with the utmost confidentiality.

Some of our most popular locations include Barons CourtLancaster Gate and Belgravia. There are also plenty of incall locations if you’re willing to travel to one of our masseuse apartments.

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The Benefits Of An Erotic Massage

Sensual massages are so much more than a pleasant experience; they awaken the mind and body, taking you to places you never knew existed. When performed correctly, the tantric massage offers numerous benefits, but make sure you check before making a booking.

Each of Karma Tantric’s masseuses is fully trained in tantra and offers an authentic experience.

Heal your body

A genuine tantric massage can be a healing experience because it relaxes your body and helps with muscle pain. However, using oils and long, drawn-out strokes, the massages will also help you relax and release stress.

Discover your sexual energy

Stress, anxiety, depression and physical conditions can destroy a person’s libido. While a traditional massage can be relaxing and help with any physical pain, a tantric massage awakens your senses and enables you to rediscover your libido.

Harness sensuality

Erectile dysfunction is a common yet often ignored condition – as many men don’t want to talk about it. When you choose a tantric massage, you’re giving your body the healing it needs, resulting in the ability to perform sexually.

Your masseuse will teach you to focus on nothing but the moment and take you to a state of bliss while also harnessing your sexual energy.

Build intimacy

Plenty of couples experience a lack of intimacy in their marriage at some point, but tantric masseuses help their clients rediscover a connection. Whether you book as a single person or a couple, the tantric massage will dramatically improve your sex life.

Better circulation

Erotic massage services can also improve circulation, making it easier to perform sexually – especially with men.

Self-awareness and confidence

Last but not least, tantric massages are known to increase your confidence and give you a higher degree of self-awareness. Your tantric masseuse will help you discover your body’s different pleasure points and feel good about what it can do.

Many people go away from a massage session feeling able to build and enjoy intimate relationships and have more confidence.

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Each Karma masseuse goes through intense tantric tuition, so you can be sure that you’re getting the best possible experience. Men and women can both benefit from your sessions, so don’t be afraid to explore.

Once you are ready to book your Tantric Massage, get in touch, and our friendly bookings team will be happy to assist you and answer any questions you may have.

Tantric Massage FAQs

What is a Classic Tantric massage?

Our classic tantric massage is a full skin-to-skin arousing body massage using sensual, warm massage oils. It’s different from traditional massage therapy because it builds and releases sexual energy.

Where will the tantric massage take place?

The tantric massage can take place at the most convenient location for you. We can arrange for you to visit your masseuse at their luxury apartment in Central London, or we can arrange for them to visit you at your private residence or hotel in Central London. See the
locations we cover

How do you maintain the privacy of your clients?

Offering a discrete and confidential service is of utmost importance to us. That’s why we encrypt all telephone records in an unbreakable 128-bit format so a third party can never access them. After your booking has finished, we immediately delete and overwrite your personal data to maintain complete confidentiality. We’re proud to say we’re the best in the business at being discrete.

It's my first time arranging a Tantric Massage of any type. What should I expect?

Firstly, welcome to the exciting world of Tantra! Our tantric masseuses are highly experienced and known for their friendly and approachable manner, so you’re in good hands. At the start of your massage session, your masseuse will begin with a short consultation to explain the plan for the session, understand your likes or dislikes and give you a chance to ask any questions. After this, you’ll be invited to take a short shower to refresh yourself before the massage begins. Expect a relaxing and invigorating massage experience that leaves you feeling pampered and completely at ease.

What does it cost?

The rates of each of our tantric masseuses vary. Rates are listed on their individual profiles. As our ladies are specialists, you get what you pay for and will always receive a professional sensual massage.

Some seedy parlours offer ‘massage girls’, but these ladies rarely go through the intense training our massage therapists do.

How long will the massage take?

You can book a massage session from 60 minutes up to 4 hours, depending on your preferences. We recommend a minimum of 60 minutes for each client, and you can also combine the classic tantric massage with one of our other popular experiences.

Are your masseuses all professionals?

Yes, we have a very strict recruitment process and each therapist has to go through intense training to become a tantra specialist. You can rest assured that you’re getting the best possible service.

Can women book with Karma Tantric?

Of course! We welcome both male and female clients and guarantee a bisexual therapist for ladies, to ensure they feel more comfortable.