Erotic Couples Massage in London For You & Your Partner
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Erotic Couples Massage in London

A Sensual Couples Massage With Tantric Energy



Perfect for recharging and reconnecting sexual energy between partners, the Couples Massage is an erotic massage performed by one or two alluring tantric masseuses using tantric techniques to reignite the sexual bond between you and your partner. Expect you both to leave with an awakened sexual appetite and newfound sensual energies.

Karma Girls Who Provide Couples Massage In London

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The Benefits Of A Couples Tantric Massage

      Helps you reconnect through sensual touch

      Gives a safe space to discover and explore each other’s desires

      Learn erotic techniques that you can try out in the bedroom

      Strengthens your bond and trust

      Offers a fun and relaxed way to invite another person into your sex life

Enjoy a Couples Tantric Massage in London

Our Couples Tantric Massage is growing in popularity. It’s an erotic experience that any two partners can enjoy. Using the ancient art of Tantra, you and your partner will discover and explore each other’s desires, connecting as one in physical and mental bliss.

You’ll be guided to explore the power of sensual touch using tantric massage techniques and full body massage, and you’ll discover tantric practices you can use to expand your sex life. You can choose to have one masseuse between you or lay side by side being massaged simultaneously by two masseuses. Either way, it’s an intimate and sensual massage experience.
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The best couples tantric massage London has to offer

When you and your partner enjoy a couples massage simultaneously, you engage in an intimate experience that helps you bond.

To get the most out of your massage, we recommend it takes place in the same room rather than a different room – because both you and your partner should share in each other’s experience.

Our couple’s massages offer numerous benefits; booking one can repair your relationship.

Spend quality time together

There used to be an undeniable spark between you, but busy jobs and family commitments mean you no longer make time to connect. A tantric massage can bring you closer by learning what the other likes and rekindle that spark.

Whether you’re no longer sleeping in the same bed, are in separate rooms, or feel there’s not enough time for the two of you, our massage will help.

Reignite sensual energy

Our London couples massage can also help you and your partner rediscover erotic energy and connect physically once again. These massages are renowned for their ability to heat even the coldest marriage, leaving both parties feeling 20 years younger.

Learn and experience

Many of our clients enjoy a lignum and yoni massage during the experience. Yoni massages are for women and can be the most orgasmic experience you’ll ever have.

With so many women struggling to have a satisfying sex life, a couple massage can help men learn how to increase intimacy in the relationship and create a connection with their partners.

Locations For Couples Tantra Massage in London

Our highly-trained tantric masseuses provide both incalls at their own luxury apartments in Central London and outcalls to your Central London hotel or private residence – whichever is most convenient for you and your partner.

Our most popular locations include KensingtonChelseaRegent Street and Bond Street.

We treat every booking with the utmost confidentiality. See All Locations

Booking Your Couples Massage in London

Once you and your partner are ready to book your Couples Massage, get in touch, and our friendly bookings team will be happy to assist you and answer any questions you may have.

Couples Massage FAQs

My wife and I want to organise a Couples Massage to rekindle our sex life. Is this a good idea?

While every relationship is different, we have had a lot of feedback over the years from couples who have had our Couples Massage and seen their passions for each other reignite. It’s a fantastic way to spend intimate time learning about each other’s sexual desires and exploring new erotic experiences together.

Will there be just one tantric masseuse?

It’s entirely up to you. It’s possible to book one tantric masseuse between you or to book two tantric masseuses that massage you simultaneously.

Are your tantric masseuses fully trained?

Yes, we make sure each therapist understands the art of tantra. When you book with us, you get to enjoy an amazing experience that offers complete value for money.

What sexual orientation are the tantric masseuses who perform Couples Massage?

We ensure all tantric masseuses that perform Couples Massage are bisexual. They are happy to massage couples of any sexual orientation.

Is it possible to tailor the Couples Massage to incorporate different massage types?

Yes, certainly. We often find people like to incorporate Nuru Massage or Fantasy Massage into their Couples Massage sessions. Please let us know your preferences, and we will happily tailor the session for your pleasure.

My partner and I want to chat with someone about what is involved in the Couples Massage before we book. Is that possible?

Yes, of course. Our friendly bookings team knows everything there is to know about all of the massages we offer. So, please feel free to get in touch.

Will we feel at home during the experience?

All of our masseuses are highly experienced and know that your first couples massage can be a nerve-wracking experience. We guarantee you won’t feel awkward, and your chosen therapist will be a relaxing presence, ready to guide you both through the massage.

What’s your Covid-19 policy?

Read more here about our Covid-19 policy. It has been designed to ensure the safety of our customers and staff and sits in line with government guidelines.