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Authentic Japanese Body Gel Nuru Massage


Nuru Massage in London

What is a Nuru Tantric massage?

Nuru massage is an erotic Japanese massage ritual available for women, men and couples that empowers and invigorates the body and mind.

What is involved in this massage?

Your tantric masseuse will use authentic Japanese Nuru organic gel to slip and slide her body over yours ultimately finishing with an explosive happy ending using authentic tantric techniques.

Where to get a nuru massage?

Our masseuses provide incalls at their own individual luxury apartments throughout Central London or outcalls to your Central London hotel or private residence. View our Locations Page for a list of areas we cover.

How much does this massage cost?

Ladies rates vary and can be found on their individual profiles.

How can I book this massage?

Our booking line is open 7 days a week between 10am-1am. If you prefer you can send us an email or use our contact form to get in touch.

The Erotic Body to Body Japanese Nuru Massage

Originating in Japan, Nuru is a style of body to body massage using an organic gel made from nori seaweed. Your chosen tantric masseuse will then slide her nude self over your body relieving any tension and relaxing all your muscles.

Our Nuru Tantric massage is an incredibly sensual tantra experience. Your masseuse will use her deliciously flexible body to provide the ultimate body 2 body nuru massage in London. Full body contact stimulates your erotic desires slowly building towards an intense & explosive happy ending, resulting the most unforgettable erotic tantric massage in the UK.

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Authentic Japanese Nuru Massage London

Originating in the Japanese bath houses, authentic Nuru massage is seen as an art form, not just as an erotic style of body to body massage. Japanese Nuru massage became a sure favourite within the Asian red light district and even today is one of the most exclusive treatments available in Japan. The word Nuru in Japanese directly translates to slippery, referring to the lubricating nuru gel used during Japanese nuru massage. The organic nuru gel used in this massage is made from Nori seaweed, the very same thing that you wrap your sushi in.

How is Nuru Massage Performed?

This massage is performed in a warm room surrounded by flickering candlelight, the faint scent of essential oils in the air and a beautiful nuru massage practitioner waiting for you. The nuru gel is warmed and then mixed with hot water to activate it. Once it has cooled it is applied to the masseuse and your skin. The gel creates a unique sensation on the skin, very different from the essential oils used in other styles of body to body massage. Perfectly trained, your nuru masseuse will use techniques that not only feel fantastic but use the most skin on skin contact to heighten your senses and awaken your sexual excitement.

Genuine Japanese nuru massage is one of the sexiest styles of tantric massage currently available in London, UK. This extremely erotic massage is a must try, the feeling of a beautiful woman using her naked body to slide up and down your front and back is a very stimulating experience. Gliding over the contours of your body with the lubricating nuru massage gel, using her groin, breasts and buttocks to create an intense sexual energy. Real nuru body massage culminates in a happy ending, the sexual energy is released in a heightened climax and a feeling of euphoria will sweep over you leaving you satisfied and fulfilled.

Nuru Massage Health Benefits

The greatest advantage of a nuru massage is the heightened erotic sensitivity and boost in libido that it gives you. This naturist massage slowly seduces you into temptation, broadens your mind and extends your sexual capabilities. Manipulation and kneading of the muscles increases blood flow, flexibility and releases any toxins that are caught between the muscles due to day to day exercise.

The rhythmical motion of the slippery body to body technique reduces your stress and tension. The endorphins released during the energy release immediately lift your mood, transporting you directly to your happy place. Additionally, the nuru massage gel not only feels fantastic but revitalises the skin with the highly moisturising qualities. Usually mixed with chamomile and a variety of other nutrients, the 100% organic product gives you a healthy glow to add to your post-ejaculation radiance.

Organising the Best Nuru Massage in London

With the obvious popularity for Nuru massage porn videos online, it’s easy to see why this massage is hugely popular as a practice. Organise your very own sexy experience today with Karma Tantric’s unrivalled nuru massage performed by a sexy nuru masseuse. Renowned for our top quality service, our massage girls are authentically trained in the ancient art of Nuru massage and will glide and slide you into deep relaxation, teasing you into powerful arousal. It is a Japanese delicacy for the ultimate body to body pleasure. Check out our locations all over Central London to find a nuru massage near you. Call Karma Tantric on 0207 898 3212 and book an incredibly sexy Japanese massage in London.