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Lingam Massage in London

Experience the Karma Lingham Massage

What is a Lingam Massage?

Originating in India, the Lingam refers to the male genitalia or penis and is a sanskrit word translating to “Wand of Light.” As a symbol of energy the Lingham is the release point of the full body massage. Treated in the same way as your entire body, the touches and strokes will be worlds apart from your average hand relief resulting in the ultimate energy release and a feeling of complete content.

Is this strictly a visiting service?

Each of our lingam massage therapists offer incalls and outcalls throughout Zone 1 of Central London. Step into a luxurious apartment for the ultimate incall tantric experience. We would be happy to arrange an outcall to your London hotel or private residence.

How much does the massage cost?

All of our Karma massage experiences include a Lingham release, you can add double pleasure to any of our massages for an additional £50.

How do I book a Lingam massage in London?

Our Karma UK reception team are available from 10am until midnight daily to answer any questions you may have and organise your VIP tantric massage in Central London 0207 898 3212.

Searching for a Lingam Massage in London?

Our sensual masseuses utilise authentic Lingam massage techniques to create an intense and euphoric energy relief in all of our tantric massages. Truly indulgent, relax with the perfect mind body and soul pamper time.

Karma’s skilled and beautiful masseuses will lead you on a tantric journey like no other. Building your arousal with slow seduction, free your mind of stress and pressures. Relax in the moment and enjoy a blissful Lingam massage therapy with an elite London masseuse.

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The Perfect Lingam Massage in London

Lingham massage therapy is an ancient practise that has been passed down through generations. Here at Karma Tantric, we have fused the delights of the lingham massage with the authentic tantric methods to product the Classic Tantric Massage experience. Traditional tantric principles have been adapted and incorporated into this truly is a remarkable sensual massage. Those experiencing it receive complete undivided attention in a stimulating celebration of the senses.

The lingam massage is is performed slowly, keeping all movements rhythmical and utilising pressure in different places to administer incredible pleasure and resulting in ultimate release. Sexual energy is thought to be the strongest bodily energy entity and lingham techniques can lead us into a meditative erotic state, that is enjoyed by many in the pursuit of sensual enlightenment and pleasurable sensation.

Orgasm and ejaculation are in complete control of the practitioner. A skilled and experienced masseuse will use intuition and sense your boundaries to to slowly build your sexual pleasure up. You will be brought almost to your peak and back down multiple times and ride the edge of your climax zone. This will result in the ultimate lingam finale, releasing the build up through an intense earth shattering full body orgasm. Explore the feeling of touch and pleasure as your senses are heightened to welcome the erotic waves of bliss that you will only feel through a genuine Lingam massage in London.

The Benefits of Lingam Massage

There are a multitude of fantastic health benefits of Lingam massage in London. Besides the fact that Lingam massage is thoroughly enjoyable, it allows the recipient to appreciate the journey of sexual gratification without the pressure to perform. Open your mind and really learn to experience pleasure in totality, a huge advantage that participants in Lingam therapy can learn from and practise with sexual partners. Without worrying about a partner’s pleasure during the session you are free to concentrate on your own sexual energies.

A professional tantric Lingam massage is not just a penis massage, it has been proven to help many psychological, mental and physical issues. Through the specialist techniques and relaxing atmosphere, sexual dysfunctions such as premature ejaculation and impotence can be completely healed. The trusting and private space when experiencing a sensual massage gives you the perfect opportunity to work on yourself and regain control of your Lingham, this can give a great feeling of empowerment and self achievement. After just a few Lingham massage sessions, you will be able to control and prolong your ejaculation, this is a real boost for your self esteem and confidence in the bedroom.

Lingham massage techniques have been proven to actively fight stress, it gives you an escape to the daily pressures that accumulate over time. Stress is an unfortunate symptom that affects us all on a day to day basis, resetting your stress button is paramount to living a healthy lifestyle and progressing within your work and personal life. Making time for yourself is very important and generally overlooked as an answer to stress management, Lingham massage in London gives you the perfect sensual sanctuary to disappear from the outside world for an hour or two and focus solely on yourself.

Book your tantric adventure with an exclusive Lingam massage agency like Karma Tantric, who are renowned for their elite services and attractive well trained tantricas. Providing both in call and outcall massage throughout London’s zone 1, slip into a luxury haven of seductive indulgence for a VIP experience you won’t easily forget. Call our friendly and helpful reception team on 0207 898 3212 to arrange your Lingham massage in London today.