Body to Body Massage in London - Feel Skin-on-skin Contact
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Body-to-Body Tantric Massage London

A Seductive Skin-on-Skin Massage



Offering an incredibly sensual body rub, the Body to Body Massage is performed by a skilled tantric masseuse who lathers her skin and yours in massage oils before rubbing her naked body against yours, arousing and exciting you with every touch. Immerse yourself in pleasure as your senses are awakened like never before.

Karma Girls Who Provide Body to Body Massage In London

The Benefits Of A Body to Body Massage

      Reduces stress and anxiety

      Alleviates aches, pains and muscle tension

      Boosts your immune system

      Improves blood circulation

      Enables you to truly unwind and receive pleasure

Enjoy an Erotic Body to Body Massage in London

The Body to Body Massage is one of the most invigorating and orgasmic massages we offer. It’s the ultimate erotic pampering session, perfect for reducing stress and balancing energy within the body. The skin-on-skin contact between you and your tantric masseuse offers a unique intensity and intimacy that will keep you coming back for more.

Beginning with a soothing shower to get you relaxed and ready for the massage, you’ll then be invited to lay down as your masseuse begins to unwind any tension in your body using warm massage oil and gentle strokes.

Your massage therapist will then glide her body over yours in sensual rhythmic motions culminating in a euphoric release. It’s impossible not to give in to her tantalising touch and unquestionable beauty.
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Why Choose A Body To Body Sensual Massage?

Body-to-body massages are highly popular because they’re indulgent experiences that also offer numerous mental and physical benefits. When performed by professionally trained therapists, these massages can improve your well-being and provide some much-needed relief.

Better circulation

Massages are known to increase lymphatic and blood flow, which will, in turn, result in better circulation and blood pressure. A body-to-body massage is no different; many people deal with less pain after receiving a massage.

Relieves pain

While some believe a full-body massage doesn’t have the same benefits as traditional massages, that’s not the case. If you deal with sore muscles or pain regularly, these massages can heal your body and reduce long-term pain.

Reduces stress

Are you dealing with a lot of work stress lately? Our professional masseuses will use their bodies to remove built-up stress from yours. Whether it’s a Nuru massage or other body-to-body experience, we guarantee you’ll leave the session feeling relaxed and satisfied.

Increased confidence

A tantric experience can also boost your confidence, which is one of the best psychological advantages of these massages. You’ll learn how to enjoy the deeper physical sensations while also learning about what your body is capable of.

Better sexual performance

Tantric massages are known to help people harness their inner sexuality and utilise sexual energy. Such an experience can help you rediscover your libido and treat conditions such as premature ejaculation.

London Body-to-Body Massage Locations

Our highly-trained tantric masseuses provide both calls at their own luxury apartments in Central London and outcalls to your Central London hotel or private residence – whichever is most convenient for you.

Our most popular locations include Marble ArchHolborn, and Sloane Square. We treat every booking with the utmost confidentiality.

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Booking Your Body-to-Body Massage in London

Once you are ready to book your Body Body Massage, get in touch, and our friendly bookings team will be happy to assist you and answer any questions you may have.

Body to Body Massage FAQs

What massage oil is used in the massage session?

We use organic massage oil of only the highest quality. Before applying it to your skin and hers, your therapist will gently heat the oil to the optimum temperature for pleasure.The great thing about our oils is they also hydrate and nourish the skin, so you’ll feel the many benefits of the massage and feel refreshed.

How much does a Body to Body Massage cost?

Rates vary depending on the individual therapist, so we recommend you check out the masseuses’ profiles. Our prices are reflective of the professionalism and quality these ladies offer. As fully trained tantric massage therapists, they offer an authentic experience. Prices start at £200 for one hour incall or £250 for one-hour outcall. Click to view the lady’s profiles in our Karma girl gallery.

I have a skin condition. Will I still be able to book a Body to Body Massage?

To make sure we advise you concerning your specific condition, please get in touch with our friendly bookings team. In many cases, we can use a different oil, which will be suitable for your skin, but it’s always best to check before the session.

Can I combine the Body to Body Massage with another massage type?

Yes, certainly. Get in touch with our friendly bookings team to discuss your preferences. We recommend a Soapy Massage as a great pre-addition to a Body to Body Massage.

How long Does A Body To Body Massage in London last?

In most cases, body-to-body massages last for a minimum of 60 minutes, but you can book for up to four hours if you want. Some clients also start with a body-to-body massage and combine it with another experience.

Do I take my clothes off for a body-to-body massage?

Yes, these massages are best performed nude because you won’t get the whole body tantric experience otherwise.

How often should I get a body-to-body massage?

It’s entirely up to you! The frequency of body-to-body massage can vary depending on the individual’s needs and preferences. Some people may benefit from weekly massages, while others may only need a massage once a month.

As these massages are often combined with other experiences, you might use the body-to-body massage to relax while also indulging in some of our different experiences. From soapy massages to fantasy massages, there’s something for everyone at Karma Tantric.

What's your Covid-19 policy?

Yes, certainly. Covid-19 policy. It has been designed to ensure the safety of our customers and staff and sits in line with government guidelines.