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Experience the most sensual body to body massage London has to offer with an award winning Karma Tantric massage. Explore the heights of your erotic pleasure performed by a stunningly beautiful Karma therapist at one of our discrete luxury incall locations, in the privacy of your private residence or hotel. Whichever Karma Girl you choose, relax in an unrivaled authentic massage experience.

What is a Body to Body Massage?

A body to body massage is
defined as a nude massage session, performed in candle light with soft relaxing music. Your masseuse will use warm, high quality, organic massage oils to rub her naked body against yours arousing and exciting you with every touch. The skin to skin contact makes for an incredible sensual body rub that stimulates your body and results in a mind blowing erotic ‘energy release’.


With the history of body to body massage found seeded in ancient Indian Tantra and authentic Japanese Nuru, its is an erotic experience that has been enjoyed for centuries. As well as providing physical erotic release, this full body massage has been found to offer a range of spiritual, therapeutic, physical and mental health benefits. To find out more read our body to body massage FAQ.


Body to Body Massage London FAQ

Is Karma Tantric A Reputable Agency?

Since 2010, Karma Tantric has quickly become industry’s finest body to body massage agency specialising in incredible body to body massage experiences. Through pioneering new innovations in customer service and massage practice, Karma sets a new standard in erotic massage in and around the London Area.

We pride ourselves in offering the most professional service from our bookings team all the way through to your perfect massage. Our reputation truly proceeds us. Just read the reviews from our many valued clients, after all… they can’t all be wrong!

Are The Pictures Of The Girls Accurate?

All photographs shown on the Karma Girl’s profiles were taken by our in house recommended photographers. Once they are taken, we do not overly photoshop the images. Because of this, you cansure the lady you see in the picture is a true likeness to the lady you will be seeing for your body to body massage in London.

What About my Privacy & Discretion?

Here at Karma Tantric we take your privacy very seriously. In an age of information hacks and shady sales of clients personal details, Karma is proud to offer our clients the most secure and private service available in the industry.

We only keep details on record until your massage is completed. During that time all information regarding the booing is encrypted on a 128 bit secure system that is uncrackable. Once your booking is completed, your details are never stored on our system, they are deleted and overwritten. Perfect privacy, every time.

Where Can I Get A Body to body Massage In London?

All our karma girls are available for incall visits in their own luxury, clean apartments around zone 1 of central London. If you prefer, they can also visit you at your hotel or private residence. Take a look at our massage locations page to find a convenient London incall location near you.

Where Did This Type of Massage Originate?

Over the centuries there have been many references to sensual massage practices. In Japan, Nuru massage has been performed for over 200 years. Specialist trained and qualified masseuses would slide their nude body over the client using a seaweed gel known as Nori. This had many health and therapeutic benefits to the skin consequently providing lubrication for the massage.

In India, awareness of touch and sensual massage has been documented through authentic tantra methodologies.The balancing of chakras, breathing techniques and energy awareness has been perfomed for centuries and is known as tantric massage. This of course could incorporate control of either premature ejaculation or body mind balance. It is the fusion of these authentic massage practices that has evolved into the Body to Body massage we know today.

What Happens & What's Included in A Body on Body Massage Session?

Firstly your therapist will start with a very short but necessary consultation to understand how she can tailor the session to your needs and explain what her boundaries are during the session. The next step will be a complementary 5 mins shower for you and refreshment while she prepares her massage area.

Each Karma masseuse is unique in her massage structure and approach. Every massage we offer is fully naked and includes body to body techniques using warm essential oils. As a result, it will allow her to slide her body over yours. The aim of the session is to release your muscle tensions, whilst riding the boundaries of your erotic pleasure. Consequently this creates a prolonged energy release at the very end of your session.

How Much Does A Body To Body Massage in London cost?

Each lady’s rates are found listed on their profiles. Prices start at £200 for one hours incall or £250 for one hour outcall. Click to view the ladies profiles in our karma girl gallery.

How Can I Book A Body To Body Massage In London?

Just call Karma Tantric on 0207 898 3212 and let us arrange your perfect full body massage in London. We are also available via sms, skype and wats app. If you prefer, you can contact us through our contact form and we will reply via email to book your body to body massage for you.

The Benefits of Body to Body Massage

      Increases Blood Flow & Improves Circulation

      Helps Combat Premature Ejaculation Problems

      Reduces Anxiety, Stress & Depression

      Increases Immune System Functionality

      Increases Blood Flow & Circulation

      Improves Health & Appearance Of The Skin

Advice for Body to Body Beginners

For those of you who are trying B2B massage for the first time it’s important that you make sure your first experience is as good as it can be. Choose a reputable massage agency like Karma Tantric who take pride in offering the very best tantric body to body massage London has to offer. In addition, look for real pictures, clean locations and skilled professional therapists.

Remember, you are about to have the experience of a lifetime which, as a result will open your mind and body channels and as a result will be a wonderfully positive session. All you need to do is call the Karma Team and we will take the stress out of organising your booking for you. Then just relax while your masseuse shows you the incredible delights of a Karma Massage

it really is a wonderful body on body experience that you should try at least once in your life. Once you do it probably won’t be your last ?

How To Arrange A Body to Body Massage In London

Booking your perfect b2b massage session is straightforward at here at Karma Tantric. Follow the easy steps below or simply give the Karma bookings team a call on 0207 898 3212 Let us arrange the perfect relaxing body rub for you.