Yoni Tantric Massage in London - The Ultimate Vagina Massage
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Sensual Yoni Massage in London

Experience The Sacred Art Of Yoni Massage



A massage that celebrates divine femininity and erotic connectivity, the Yoni Massage is a sensual and spiritual body-to-body massage that incorporates vaginal massage for the ultimate stress release. Let your worries melt away in the soft touch of your female masseuse as she sensually glides her body upon yours using warm oils in candlelight. You’ll feel safe and secure while also experiencing a sense of freedom as the energy flow aligns with your mind and body. Tempting, liberating and empowering, the yoni massage for women is the ultimate way to give yourself some much-needed TLC.

Karma Girls Who Provide Yoni Massage In London

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The Benefits Of Yoni Massage

      Releases tension, both mental and physical

      Celebrates and empowers the female erogenous zones

      Helps you reconnect with your body after sexual trauma

      Eliminates sexual frustration and sexual blocks

      Experience a truly spiritual centuries-old erotic practice

Enjoy an Authentic Yoni Massage in London

The Yoni Massage is a sacred massage form originating from ancient India. The’Yoni’, meaning vagina in Sanskrit, is celebrated and indulged in this arousing, stress-relieving massage. Using a range of physical touch sensations, you will be brought to a state of heightened awareness and emotional connectivity.

You’ll be guided into a warm, sacred space by your female tantric masseuse, who will make you feel at ease. With soft music playing in the background and candlelight flickering, your senses will be invigorated as your masseuse performs body-to-body massage and gently massages your erogenous zones. You’ll slowly be guided to an aroused state culminating in a transcendental energy release.
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The Benefits of Professional Yoni Massage Therapy

Yoni massages take the bones of a sensual massage and turn it into a mind-blowing and empowering experience. While some ladies might feel nervous about yoni massage sessions, they soon come back for more, with the many benefits they offer.

Emotional and psychological well-being

Yoni massage can help women connect with their bodies, increase self-awareness, and promote female sexuality.

It may also help release emotional blockages, past traumas, and negative experiences stored in the pelvic region, leading to emotional healing and empowerment.

Stress-relief and relaxation

A genuine yoni massage isn’t just an erotic massage; it’s an experience that unites the mind and body. If you suffer from stress regularly, a professional masseuse will relieve tension and help you relax.

Better pelvic health

Yoni massage techniques can improve blood circulation in the pelvic area, which may contribute to better pelvic health. Increased blood flow can help nourish the tissues, promote hormonal balance, and potentially alleviate certain pelvic issues or discomfort.

More confidence

Many clients also go away from their yoni massage feeling more confident because they can connect with their body and release any pressure. As an exclusive massage for women, yoni experiences are celebrations of the female body and energy.

Being a woman often means going on a continued journey of emotional and physical milestones, and our massages celebrate everything about your body.

Put yourself in our hands and prepare to experience the ultimate salute to femininity.

Heightened sex life

Historically, a woman’s sexuality was somewhat of a taboo topic, but today ladies everywhere celebrate it. As a yoni session involves massaging the genital area of a woman’s body, many participants find it helps them to discover what they enjoy.

The positive energy can also improve intimacy and help remove any relationship problems. Yoni massages are journeys of discovery, and the technique can free you from anything that might hold you back.

Yoni Tantric Massage London Locations

Our highly-trained tantric masseuses provide both incalls at their own luxury apartments in Central London and outcalls to your Central London hotel or private residence – whichever is most convenient for you.

Whether you’re in PiccadillyChelsea, or Marble Arch, we treat every booking with the utmost confidentiality.

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Booking Yoni Massages in London

Once you are ready to book your sensual Yoni Massage, get in touch, and our friendly bookings team will be happy to assist you and answer any questions you may have. Total happiness is just a click away.

Yoni Massage FAQs

Do I have to be a lesbian or bisexual to have a Yoni Massage?

Not at all. This is a common misconception. Many women of all sexual orientations choose to delight in a sensual Yoni Massage. It is an opportunity to unwind, relax and enjoy a spiritual sexual energy release.

I have never had a Yoni Massage before. What should I expect?

The first thing to know is that our tantric masseuses are very welcoming and will guide you through the session to make sure you are comfortable at every moment. You’ll begin with a consultation chat where you will get to know your masseuse, and you can discuss your preferences and ask any questions. Before the massage commences, you’ll have a refreshing shower before being guided into a massage designed to relax, pleasure and awaken your senses like never before.

How do I choose a massage therapist?

Simply browse the profiles of our tantric masseuses to see who you think would be a good fit for you. We include up-to-date pictures and thorough descriptions of each masseuse so you can get a good feel for each therapist’s personality, looks and expertise. If you’re still unsure, you can get in touch with our friendly bookings team who will be happy to make a recommendation.

Where do the Yoni massages take place?

We can arrange for your masseuse to visit you at your private residence or hotel in Central London. Alternatively, you can visit your masseuse at her high-end apartment in Central London. Take a look at our locations here. All of our masseuse’s apartments are clean, luxurious, centrally located and stylishly decorated, so you can be sure of a superior experience.

How much is a Yoni massage?

The price may differ depending on which masseuse you choose to provide your Yoni massage. However, a one-hour session would cost between £200 and £250. Please take a look at each masseuse’s individual profile for their rates.

Why choose Karma Tantric?

We guarantee to offer the best yoni massage you’ve ever experienced. The ancient art of tantra can send your whole body into a state of ecstasy, but the spiritual energies involved will also relax your mind.

I'm Nervous about the Yoni massage for women. Should I be?

Absolutely not! These ladies love giving you the opportunity to explore your body and make you feel immediately at ease. All of our Yoni massage therapists are bisexual, so you don’t need to worry about feeling insecure.

What is your Covid-19 safety policy?

We have implemented a full Covid-19 safety policy which you can read here. The health and safety of our customers and staff is our top priority.