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5 Health Benefits of Body to Body Massage

Resident tantrica Erica Suarez-Hillingdon reveals the health benefits of body to body massage.

Body to body massage is a type of erotic massage proven to help aid the release of stress, promote a positive outlook and allow you to feel pampered in a much more seductive manner. This experience will throw you into a world of excitement, curiosity and desire with the comfort of an experienced massage girl who is an expert in this field. In case you’re wondering ‘What is a body to body massage?’ it is a massage where a skilled masseuse uses her entire body to glide over your body, to orgasmic effect. Offering techniques that ensure your sensual time is meaningful, peaceful and climatic, here are five major health benefits of a body to body massage.

Did You Know?: “A special type of body to body massage called Nuru massage uses the lubricating Nuru gel which contains Nori seaweed found in the deep waters of the Japanese coastline. It’s known for being super-slippery and having various health benefits.”

Reduces your stress and anxiety

In today’s modern world, stress can be a major cause of anxiety which can lead to many more issues and illnesses. While many treatments for anxiety and stress exist, getting a natural, relaxing body to body massage will help alleviate most symptoms and aid in boosting a continuous positive outlook whilst reducing any depression and/or anxiety you may be experiencing. Those that suffer from anxiety or depression have benefited massively in confidence which, in turn, generates natural positive energy that helps enliven your everyday life. You’ll feel relaxed yet alive throughout your session and afterwards.

Alleviates aches and pains

Whether you’re someone who spends hours at the gym or stays focused in an office for long periods, both are challenging physically and mentally, which can promote fatigue as well as muscular aches and pains. These can be the cause of headaches and migraines which can impede your daily routine. Having a delicious full body to body massage has many benefits to aid these issues as it stimulates you on a deeper level, easing your frustrations, leaving you refreshed and pain-free.

Boosts your immune system

Body to body massage is a refined therapy that benefits the central nervous system and immune system, which are fundamental in keeping the body fit and healthy. Your experienced masseuse will begin to manipulate the soft muscle tissue and pressure points throughout the body to normalise those tissues. Traditional manual massages are usually applied with the hands but with body to body, every part of the body is used in channelling energy with techniques that will aid the body in healing itself. The impact is good well-being and a positive outlook.

Improves blood circulation

Massaging the larger muscle groups not only heals aches and pains but also aids the release of toxins that get trapped within the body’s muscular tissues. These issues are located within the body and when massaged out will help to realign your central nervous system. This promotes healthier joints and movability, as well as stronger muscles. The techniques used by your professional masseuse will specifically trigger and stimulate various points all over the body, thus, increasing better blood flow which assists in improving oxygen delivery and aids in absorbing healthy nutrients within the muscles.

Did You Know?: “The practice of body to body massage can also be beneficial for healing sexual trauma. It incorporates tantric healing, which encourages the body to release suppressed emotions and sensations, helping the body to feel safe and relaxed once more.”

Makes you feel good

Away from all the technical terms, having a body to body massage can simply be a fun and enjoyable experience. Treating yourself to a soothing yet teasing body to body massage can ease all your continuous worries that come with the stresses we experience in daily life. This will rejuvenate even those who find it hard to switch off, enabling you to truly unwind and take pleasure in healthy aftermath. It will inspire you to focus on your inner desires as well as slow down in life to appreciate the good things. The indulgence of a body to body massage is an intoxicating experience that everyone can take contentment from.

Try A Body To Body Massage With A Specially-Trained Masseuse

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  1. Danny

    I have been using tantric massage for the past two years to help me gain confidence with my sexual partners. By understanding touch, I feel better equipped to pleasure my partner. I have also lost the anxiety of feeling sensual body touch that I once had. it is a very powerful tool that is much more than just a bit of fun for me. Thanks for the great read, and thanks to Karma Tantric for always arranging my experiences in the most professional way.

    • Georgia Karma

      You are very welcome Danny. Thank you for letting us know how Tantra has helped you. It means a great deal to us to know that we have made a difference to you and we hope we can continue to do so. Hope to speak soon, take care. x

  2. FreelanceTim

    I love a good body to body massage, I always leave feeling wonderful. I think its the connection and closeness of the massage that makes me feel so great. I always book a body to body massage in London when I travel. Amazing experience

    • Erica

      Connection is exactly the focus! Touch is something that is often overlooked and when combined with a genuine connection can be very powerful. That’s the beauty of sensual massage.