How To Make Perfect Nuru Gel At Home - Step-By-Step Guide
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The Perfect Recipe for Making Your Own Nuru Gel

Our Editor, Erica Suarez-Hillingdon, shares her insights into making the perfect nuru gel at home for sensuous nuru massage.

For the uninitiated, Nuru massage is a form of Japanese erotic massage known for its ultra arousing full-body sliding technique: the masseuse uses his or her whole body to massage the recipient. The word Nuru stems from the Japanese word for slippery, and this is no understatement, as both the recipient and the masseuse are covered in a super lubricating Nuru massage gel for the duration of the massage. This is what allows the body to body sliding techniques to be performed and the amazing slippery sensation to be achieved.

Although Nuru massage is a professional service, sometimes offered by two masseuses at once, this extraordinary massage can also do wonders to intensify intimacy with your partner. This is why many couples are now incorporating this ancient Japanese massage into the bedroom. Even though the gel you need can be purchased ready made, it’s also very simple to make your own Nuru gel at home. Let’s take a deeper look into Nuru Gel…

What is Nuru gel?

As mentioned, Nuru Gel is the lubricating substance required to perform a Nuru Massage and let bodies slide together effortlessly. Traditionally, the all-natural gel’s main ingredient is Nori, an extract of seaweed found in the profoundly deep waters off the coast of Japan. Thankfully for us, ready-made Nuru massage gel is available to purchase either as a powder that can be mixed with water to form a thick gel, or ready mixed in a squeezy type bottle. My favourite option is to make a simple version at home myself, the recipe is further down the article.

Did You Know?: Nuru gel’s slippery consistency is designed to facilitate the gliding of one body against another, creating perfect conditions for the blissful, warming transmission of body heat.

Why use Nuru gel?

Nuru massage is about so much more than erotic pleasure, and Nuru gel is different from regular lube or massage oil. For one thing, it stays slick and slippery significantly longer. Here are a few other reasons to use Nuru gel:

  • Supple skin. Nuru massage gel can smooth and moisturize your skin. Many Nuru gel ingredients help reduce redness, flaking and dryness, and can even improve skin elasticity and firmness.
  • Relaxed muscles. Nuru massage is also ideal for relaxing tense muscles. The sustained gliding motion and light pressure rouse those dormant happy hormones for an overall increased sense of wellbeing.
  • A quiet mind.Nuru massage melts the stress away. Whether it’s work stress, family problems, or general dissatisfaction, Nuru massage is a pure pleasure offering perfectly poised to wash it all away.

What is Nuru gel made from?

Although there are many ways to make Nuru gel, the traditional Nuru gel standard integrates Nori seaweed with other vitamin-rich, calming botanicals such as grapefruit extract or aloe vera gel. However, if these ingredients are not readily available, you can still easily make your own DIY Nuru massage gel at home with some accessible household ingredients. All you need is your favourite natural oil, vegetable glycerine, and warm water. You can even add your own ingredients to customise it perfectly for your own skin!

Did You Know?: A Nuru massage can last up to an hour and is usually finished off with a climactic sexual act – also known as a happy ending.

What are the ingredients for home made nuru gel?

  • Warm water
  • Coconut oil
  • Food grade vegetable glycerine
  • Xanthan gum

What other items will I need?

  • Wooden or plastic bowl
  • Wooden or plastic spoon or a whisk
  • A cup
  • A teaspoon
  • Access to hot water
  • A clean wipeable space

The recipe

This recipe only takes 5-7 minutes and will make enough Nuru gel to fill a large bowl (more than enough for a lengthy massage).I would personally make the gel in a kitchen or bathroom area as it can get messy or spills can happen. For safety, you can use a wooden or plastic bowl as bringing glass into the bedroom may not be ideal.

Combine glycerine, oil and water

Measure out and pour 3-4 ounces (or 1/3 of a cup) of glycerine, and 3 ounces (or 1/3 of a cup) of coconut oil into a large bowl. Add 3 cups of warm water. Use a whisk or spoon to mix it all together for a minute or so.

Adjust as needed

If you need a larger quantity, you can slowly add more warm water. If it’s too thin, you can also add a bit more glycerine and oil until it’s just right. The consistency you are looking for is like that of a raw egg white. Slippery, quite thick but still liquid.

Add xanthan gum

Add a heaped teaspoon of xanthan gum. Whisk it up again, and you’re ready to enter Nuru heaven with your partner in crime.

Top tips for using Nuru gel

Because knowledge is power, here are several tips to help you get the most out of your Nuru gel experience.


Don’t bother storing leftovers. This gel includes no preservatives and will likely develop mould within two days.


If you need to walk into another room partway through, wipe your feet well to avoid falling and injuring yourself. Use plastic or wooden bowls and stirrers never glass!


These ingredients are not typically allergens, but before you soak yourself in it, you can do a spot test on the inside of your arm. This is especially recommended if you are particularly sensitive to creams or oils on the skin. If after 10 minutes you do not see any redness, irritation or rashes, you are good to go!

Cover your surroundings

Although Nuru massage gel is odourless, tasteless, and transparent, throw down a protective rubber-lined sheet to avoid too extensive a clean up. You can also purchase professional nuru sheets for the bed which are specifically designed to make things less messy.

Condom use

For the actual massage itself, While many people end with simple manual or oral pleasure, if you need a condom, use polyurethane, as coconut oil weakens latex and can cause a condom to break. Non latex condoms are also a safe alternative.

Tantric Nuru massage with Karma Tantric

Now that you’re equipped with an easy Nuru massage gel recipe to try at home, why not hire a highly skilled Nuru massage specialist at Karma Tantric? After all, what better way to find your own inspiration than by being on the receiving end of this amazing body to body experience?

Erica Suarez-Hillingdon

Tantra Massage & Couples Therapy Expert

Erica is the Editor of Karma Tantric Magazine and expert in all things Tantra & Tantric Massage. She specialises in helping men, women and couples unleash their sexual potential through her tantra teachings. | Read More