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What is Dark Tantra? 5 Questions About Dark Tantric Massage

Thinking about a dark tantric massage session? Erica Suarez-Hillingdon gives you the lowdown

For centuries the ancient art of dark tantra has been an element of tantric massage that was never overly exposed to the mainstream massage industry. Recently, movies such as Fifty Shades of Grey have highlighted some of the darker sexual activities people are engaging in. Sometimes referred to as black tantra, dark tantric sessions can involve many interesting techniques such as elements of BDSM, tie & tease, foot fetishes, domination, and other more specialised fetish acts.

To help those seeking to book a dark tantric massage in London, here are 5 commonly asked questions about dark tantra:

What is Dark Tantra?

Dark Tantra is the sexual art of dark tantric massage, fused with a wide choice of fetish acts. This means that it has all the benefits of a tantric sensual experience, but also includes the ‘darker’ fetish massage techniques of your choosing. Tantric energies are released through many different optional fetishes which can range from light tie and tease fun, to more specialist submission and domination acts.

What are the benefits of Dark Tantric Massage?

It’s always wonderful to find new pleasures & experiences that release your sexual tensions. Some of us are already aware of exactly which fetish acts we like to engage in to satisfy our sexual desires. Others are still on the early part of their path to complete sexual freedom and enlightenment.

With the trend of sexual open mindedness and the social acceptance of fetishism, many of us are trying new things to see if they stimulate our senses. In fact most people would be surprised exactly which fetishes they would enjoy if they would only have the confidence to try them. People are much more specific about their sensual requirements these days and it has become apparent to most of us that we must try different things in order to satisfy our deepest fetish fantasies.

What types of acts can be included?

There are a wide range of dark tantric sexual fetishes that can be included in a session. Dark tantra is a very tailored and specific thing, so the acts you encounter will be based on your exact requirements. Here are some popular dark tantric fetishes that might inspire your imagination:

candle wax dripping foot worship submission & domination Bondage (BDSM)

leather, rubber & latex adult baby minding watersports & hardsports Sensory Deprivation

cross dressing spanking & whipping voyeurism & exhibitionism Electro Play

Is practicing Dark Tantra safe?

Even though dark tantric massage is completely safe, as with all fetish acts, it is important that you consider the safety aspect. Some fetishes require the feeling of mild danger in order to be appreciated fully however this is all performed in a controlled environment. The skill and experience of the dark tantric masseuse is also very important. Many fetishes are not for the feint of heart and it is imperative that the person in control is well versed in the services they are offering.

Where can I try a Dark Tantric Massage?

As you should with any tantric massage, you should only ever consider a masseuse or agency that is highly recommended and professional. The London Tantric Association offers a Stamp of Approval on websites that offer the highest standard of tantric massage services. Karma Tantric is one of the few tantric massage agencies in London that have this approval. Also, you could look for reviews and recommendations from other trusted sources.

To Conclude

For newcomers looking for a dark tantric massage, I would say dont be scared – overcome your fear of your own sexual bounderies and realise that only when you are free in mind and body will you achieve a higher pane of sexual satisfaction. Dark tantric massage is a sacred experience that will unearth all your sexual senses thorugh an erotic massage that will enhance an otherwise mundane sexual life journey.

If you really are looking to uncover your true sensual satisfaction, take a look at the ladies I have hand picked below who are all experienced in offering the highest standard of dark tantric and fetish massage in London.


  1. harryforpresident

    It’s funny how when you read dark tantric you assume the worst lol…well I did. This blog is great though. For years I truly thought that BDSM was all hardcore. It never occurred to me all the many other types of fetishes could be incorporated or I suppose used alone. Anyway spoke to Sophie in your reception team the other day and she mentioned a taster session I think, which would involve an assortment of lighter techniques. Think I’ll be going for that very soon. Thank you Erica 🙂 Have a great New Years!

    • Georgia Karma

      Thanks Harry. We are so glad you enjoyed this article. It’s great that Erica has opened your eye’s to the possibility of a Dark Tantric experience. A taster session would be perfect for your first time, this could incorporate domination, submission, blind folding, tie and tease & spanking, to name a few. We look forward to hearing from you and hope to arrange an appointment for you very soon. x