What's The Difference Between Tantric Massage And Escorts?
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The Difference Between Tantric Massage and Escort Meetings

Fed up with Bad Attitudes and Poor Service? Erica Suarez-Hillingdon gives you a popular alternative to escorts

Hello again readers. Today’s article aims to answer the question “what is the difference between tantric massage and escort meetings?”. I get lots of emails about this, and I thought it would be a great topic to discuss here in the magazine. To help those who have booked escorts in London before but are now considering a tantric massage instead, here are 4 main differences that make a tantric massage session more appealing:

1. A New Physical & Mental Experience

Many of those organising an escort incall or outcall in London are often left disappointed. Even though the ultimate outcome of the session is a ‘release’ , it is a physical one rather than a mental satisfaction. I’m sure most of my readers who have visited escorts agree that there have been many times when a mechanical meeting with an escort has taken place, where you reach an almost unhappy ending.

Tantric massage sessions hold equal importance to both mental and physical aspects of sexuality. After all, it is our mental side that creates our arousal and sexual preference, so why disregard it with a purely physical interaction? Isn’t it time we all started paying more attention to satisfying our desires in both mind and body? Tantra is the path that will lead to an awakening by entwining your sensual satisfaction in both these areas.

2. Feel Unique Sensations

Tantric massage incorporates some incredible massage techniques that will amaze you. The sensations achieved by things like body to body slides and energy massage around the groin area are truly heavenly. Escorts will seldom ever perform anything like this, concentrating primarily on the robotic sex of the meeting. This sometimes leaves clients feeling pretty bad afterwards, which is not really the sensation they were hoping for.

Tantra invigorates the body by allowing pure sexual energy to be circulated and summoned into a perfect happy ending that will release the stress of the body and most importantly, the mind. A tantric masseuse will make you feel pampered and worship your body in ways that will make you feel your sexuality again, not make you feel awful about yourself as many escorts do.

3. Attitude & Connection

Unfortunately, escorts do not have a great reputation for attitude and quality of service. Some of my readers have expressed that they feel almost like the escort is ‘doing them a favor’ by providing the service. Also many feel that escorts look down upon their clients and treat them with no respect. With tantric massage, there cannot be a tantra session without a positive connection and feeling between both parties.

This means that tantric massage sessions are always full of good karma and positive energy, a far cry from the sometimes bad feelings experienced with escorts. At Karma Tantric for example, all ladies are regularly vetted for many things, with one of the most important being their attitude and service towards clients. This is a compelling reason to try tantric massage over escorting and the reason why most who try tantra, never go back to bleak escort meetings.

4. Environment & Ambience

You can think of tantra sessions like visiting a top spa and receiving a massage from a professional therapist, coupled with a sexual experience that is truly overwhelming. Imagine a candle lit room, the soft hint of scented oils in the air, and the sound of ambient relaxing music. Tantric massage sessions aim to invigorate each of your sensations using light, sound, smell and touch to awaken you to a perfect experience.

Escorts are rarely concerned with their environment, offering clients badly dressed rooms, with dirty linens in old unmaintained apartment blocks. Karma tantric ensures all Karma Girls live in exclusive luxury apartments, which are well decorated and present the true feeling of ambiance to each client every time. You can probably now understand why people prefer to spend an hour in the soft flicker of candlelight, on freshly laundered towels and sweet smells of aromatic oils rather than in a murky box room that many escorts offer.

To Conclude

For newcomers looking to try tantric massage after bad escort experiences, I would say you are about to have the experience of your life. Try being pampered for once and lose the bad memories of mechanical escort bookings while you drift away in the bliss of a Karma Tantric massage.

If you really are looking for a positive London tantric massage experience that will make you feel incredible, take a look at some of the Karma Girls I have hand picked below who are waiting to awaken your desire, and worship you for an hour.. or more.


  1. Graham12

    Hi Karma I was just wondering how many girls are based in each location? My friends and I are hoping to visit very soon. Thanks

    • Georgia Karma

      Hi Graham, thanks for your question. All of our masseuses are located in their own individual luxury apartments throughout Zone 1 of Central London. We do however have ladies who’s locations are just a few minutes walk apart and we would be happy to make all the arrangements for you and your friends. Look forward to hearing from you soon. x

  2. ibz1990

    Erica thanx so much for this. I’ve been telling my friends about tantric massage and tantra in general for ages now, but they seem to have a disillusioned idea of what it is all about. I’m showing them this article tonight for sure!

    • Erica

      So glad you enjoyed it. It means the world to me that my articles are helping make a difference in perceptions of our industry. Thanks again

  3. TimTim

    Thanks Erica for the great read. I couldn’t agree more with what you wrote above. I used to always visit escort agencies but felt something was missing from the session. I have gladly found that tantric massage offers the most wonderful escape from the world. The ladies are sensual, attentive and feminine, not rushed or rude. Regards Timothy

    • Erica

      Hi Tim, thanks for your comments. Yes I am finding that many people are moving away from escort type meetings and sway towards tantric once they understand what it is really about. It’s hard to convince those who are skeptical with words, better to try it for yourself and realise that sensual tantric massage is a world away from escorts in London. Thanks again.

  4. Brandon1

    Hi Erica. Yes you are absolutely right. Quite new to tantric massages in general but so far all I can say is wow. Your ladies so far have been truly beautiful, and have dealt with me with so much kindness and care. I will never book through an escort company again since experiencing tantra massages. Thank you.

  5. Erica

    I’m so happy that everyone found this article interesting. i have received literally hundreds of emails surrounding this topic, many of them from escorts in London looking to try their hand at Tantric Massage. Also many escorting ‘punters’ have mailed in to ask more questions and try a tantric massage for the first time. Please continue to email your questions and thoughts, and thanks so much for all the praise on Facebook & Twitter.
    x Erica

    • KH Wong

      Thank you for the nice comments. May I ask if your Karma girls in general smoke?

      • Erica

        Hi KH,
        you will be pleased to know that none of our current Karma Girls smoke 🙂 Please let me know if there is anything else I may help with. Erica x