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My First Body to Body Experience

Read a first hand account of when Liam visited Yasmin for his very first body to body massage.

Unlike traditional sensual massages, Karma Tantric’s body to body treatment invigorated and agitated my euphoric senses to the point of stimulation that I have never achieved before. Feeling totally relaxed with the delicate music combined with the aroma and oils used by my chosen Karma girl, it awoken my senses like never before.

It’s not something that I would usually opt for, but a friend recommended booking at Karma Tantric as he had tried the couples package they offer and said that it brought out sides in he and his girlfriend that he never knew existed. Which, only made him desire his girlfriend even more.

Myself, being single, thought about it a lot. Frequently visiting their website pushed me to the edge, I couldn’t hold out any longer and had to visit. I called the Karma reception team and had a great chat with Mimi about the massage types and ladies available. I must say it was a lovely conversation and left me feeling comfortable that I was in safe hands throughout the booking process.

After careful consideration, Yasmin seemed to be the right karma Girl for me. Beautiful but ultimately skilled in all types of Swedish, holistic and sensual massages I decided to go for it. I made the booking and felt immediately excited as soon as the call ended. Within 10 minutes I received a text with all the details I needed including the address, time and agreed price details.

I decided to go for the incall option and, in hindsight, I’m glad I did. Lara was located in a really modern and clean apartment based close to the Oxford Street area. Upon arrival, Yasmin answered the door in a sheer black silk gown and a black lingerie suspender set. I must admit that I felt slightly anxious, however, as soon as she smiled, I felt comfortable in her company and knew I’d made the right choice.

Upon entering, I was politely offered a some fresh green tea, whilst I sat in the friendly and relaxing environment she created. My anxiousness shifted, making me thrilled to get started! I couldn’t wait. We had a small chat which was very similar to the consultation you would get at the spa. It was a relief to be briefed properly on what to expect in the session and helped me to feel even more at ease.

Yasmin explained what would happen and where I could leave my things whilst I showered. She turned on the shower and allowed me to undress alone at my request, just so I could ready myself as I’d never experienced anything like this before. I was offered a lovely fresh towel that smelt of fabric conditioner and I began to shower. 5 minutes passed and I dried myself and walked through to a beautiful candle lit bedroom.

Yasmin asked me to find a comfortable position lying on my front and covered me in a large towel to begin the session. I was already aroused at the vision of her lingerie complimenting her figure, which honestly consumed me within every moment that passed. She began to gently massage me, the warm oils in combination with Lara’s delicate touch only aroused me further, taking me deeper into the relaxing state she carefully instigated.

I was at her mercy, feeling completely natural and at ease. By the time she turned me over it was very apparent just how happy I was to be there!. I remember seeing her smile beautifully as she saw each reaction on my face as she massaged me in different places. It became more than just pleasure as it began to push me to the point where I felt I’d lost all my inhibitions. I’m sure she could feel I was at the border of my finish line so she slowed the pace and kept me below my threshold. She did this slowly whilst I watched and tried to contain myself.

I remember getting excited, really excited, as she began pouring oil over her incredible body. It was mesmerising. My body was tingling and throbbing from what I was seeing. Yasmin kept eye contact throughout and as she climbed on top of me. She began massaging me with every perfect dimension of her body, every touch simultaneously making every part of my body feel almost orgasmic. Still keeping eye contact, her face towards mine, it felt like we had merged as one.

We began gathering a rhythm, simultaneously building sexual tension. The feeling was at its peak. Yasmin gently helping me along the way, I couldn’t contain it myself any further. My body was shaking, we both smiled and had a moment when we giggled together. I felt free. The feeling was incredible. Yasmin truly is an incredible woman. I cannot wait to experience this sensational treatment again!

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Yasmin for body to body massage

If you would like to book Yasmin for the perfect body to body massage incall or outcall, contact our friendly bookings team on 0207 898 3212.
For more information and pictures please click here to view Yasmin’s full profile.

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  1. Chris

    I definitely agree with everything you said here. One of the great things about Karma (and there are many 🙂 ) is how comfortable you feel when arriving at a masseuses apartment. Our mandatory consultation, which you do not receive with most agencies, immediately puts you at ease and gives you confidence and excitement for the amazing massage you are about to receive. Chris. x