Tantra Chair Guide: How to Use & Top Sex Positions
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7 Incredible Sex Positions To Try When Using A Tantra Sex Chair

Erica Suarez Hillingdon, editor & writer for The Karma Tantric Magazine provides her comprehensive insights into the benefits of using the tantra chair, and the exciting sexual positions you can achieve to enhance your tantric practice.

Introducing tantra chair sensuality

If you’re looking to bring a fresh experience to your relationship, have you explored tantric sensual practices? And when it comes to intimate exploration, if you’re looking to deepen your connection further and enhance your sensual experience, have you tried a tantra chair?

If you haven’t heard of a tantra sex chair – also known also as the Tantra Sofa, the Tantra Yoga Chair, the Tantra Love Chair, and the divan Tantra Buddha Chair, brace yourself, literally, for one of the most eye opening and mind blowing pieces of furniture you have ever come across (pun intended).

Regardless of what you call it, it’s a must-have piece of furniture for any student of artful love-making. This unique piece of furniture offers a new dimension to lovemaking, allowing partners to connect in a variety of positions and techniques that go beyond traditional sexual encounters.

In this guide, we’ll delve into the world of Tantra chair positions, unveiling seven chair-enhanced lovemaking techniques that will invigorate your relationship and elevate your intimacy.

So, let’s dive straight in and answer your first question…

What is tantra?

The Tantric practice is an ancient Indian tradition of beliefs, meditation, and rituals that hail all the way back to the 5th century, though in the modern Western world, the most well known facet of these practices is Tantric sex: a slow, mindful and sensual practice of intimate connection which celebrates the body without encouraging the rush toward climax that is all-too-common. Instead, Tantra encourages lovers to slow down and smell the proverbial lotus blossoms.

And one of the best ways to do that, whether you’re adventurous newlyweds, or tantric experts, is with the addition of the tantra chair to your sexual repertoire.

But just what is it?

What is a tantra chair?

To the average dinner guest, the tantra chair will look like a chic and shapely sofa—ideal for simply lounging on. But for those with a sensual imagination, the tantra chair will enhance your love life like never before.

It’s specifically crafted to support various body positions allowing couples to explore new levels of connection and pleasure. The tantra chair’s innovative design enables partners to engage in a range of sensual techniques and positions that go beyond traditional lovemaking.

The chair’s ergonomic shape and thoughtful construction provide comfort and stability while allowing for easy movement, and enhanced exploration. Tantra chairs are often designed with curves, angles, and padding to support different body contours, pelvic angles and facilitate intimate interaction.

In essence this carefully designed piece of furniture will help create a conducive environment for partners to connect on a deeper emotional and physical level.

By positioning yourself in different ways along the expertly designed curves of the tantra chair, lovers of all stripes are able to tweak and adjust their angles of penetration and oral pleasure very precisely, which can in turn mean more direct stimulation of the g-spot or the p-spot—and drawn out, enhanced orgasms. Whether you’re new or familiar with the tantric sex, the tantra chair is an invaluable tool that can help you explore some of the best sexual positions for letting intimacy flow between you and your partner.

How to use a tantra chair

You don’t need any sort of aid to participate in a beautiful tantric sex session. You can make tantric love in any position as it’s more about staying present and connected with both yourself and your partner, than about learning any specific technique.

That said, there are certain tried and tested positions and techniques that many proponents of the tantra chair say have greatly enhanced their lovemaking experience. So here’s a quick guide to how to use your tantra chair, before we get into the top positions you could try:

  1. Set the mood: Begin by creating a comfortable and intimate atmosphere in the bedroom (or really whichever room you have the chair in). Dim the lights, light some candles, and play soft, sensual music to set the mood for your experience.
  2. Choose a suitable location: Position the Tantra chair in a place where you have enough space to move around comfortably. Make sure the chair is stable and secure.
  3. Experiment with positions: The Tantra chair is designed to support various positions and techniques. Try different sitting, kneeling, and lying positions to discover what works best for you and your partner. Keep communication open and discuss the positions you’d like to explore.
  4. Make eye contact: Many Tantra chair positions emphasise the importance of maintaining eye contact, which can deepen your connection. Keep your gaze on your partner as you explore different movements and sensations.
  5. Focus on breath: Tantra encourages synchronised breathing for enhanced intimacy. Breathe deeply and rhythmically together, concentrating on your breath while you move and connect.
  6. Start slowly: Begin with gentle movements and gradually increase the intensity. Take your time to fully experience each position and technique before moving on to the next.
  7. Communicate: Effective communication is crucial. Discuss with your partner what feels pleasurable, what you enjoy, and if any adjustments are needed. Use both verbal and non-verbal cues to guide each other.


7 top tantra chair positions to try

  1. The Mermaid

    The Tantra Chair typically has two main curved “rests.” Assume the Mermaid position by having him lean back on the larger of the two while you sit on his lap, facing in the other direction. Use your arms to prop yourself up on the smaller rest and enjoy your booty’s freedom to explore different angles while he reclines, fully able to appreciate your shape and your movements while gently gripping your waist. Both partners can share in controlling speed and sensation while cradled between those two loving humps the Tantra Chair is so known for.

    tantra sofa technique mermaid

  2. The Frog

    To strike a tantric Frog position on your Tantra sex chair, have your partner lean back on the larger curved rest (much like with the Mermaid pose), and sit on him with your back facing him, only this time rather than lean forward, lean back, falling onto his chest as he breathes deeply, welcoming you in. Rest your neck on either one of his shoulders as you grip the comfortably padded sides of your Tantra Sofa for support. This will position your partner perfectly to tenderly caress and explore your breasts, and is amenable to simple sensual touching, penetrative sex, or both at once.

    tantra chair position frog

  3. The Kangaroo

    The Kangaroo is the perfect way to explore multiple delicious penetrative angles throughout your love-making. Simply lay back against the shallower of the two curved humps on your Tantra Chair, and let your head fall back into the crescent valley that rests between them. This position will place your yoni at the perfect height and angle to be lovingly caressed and gradually entered by your partner. Standing up, he’ll be perfectly positioned to hold onto your hips, maneuver you back and forth, and gaze appreciatively into your eyes with a view of your gorgeous shapes.

    tantra chair position kangaroo

  4. The Rabbit

    Have your partner sit back against the large curve of your Tantra Chair and sit on top of him, straddling his midsection, with your face nice and close to his and your legs leaning against the sides of the chair. Loop your hands around his neck to pull him closer, into a kissing embrace, as he relaxes into position by letting his legs open up, spilling out to the sides. Perfect for sex with you on top, the Rabbit lets you move at any pace or rhythm while your partner lovingly explores your upper or lower body and the face-to-face contact brings you closer than ever before.

    tantra sofa position rabbit

  5. The Starfish

    For couples with an adventurous spirit, the Starfish is a wonderful way to explore a more unconventional sexual position and learn how new penetrative angles feel. Simply lean back against the larger of the two mounds that make up your Tantra Chair, and have your partner lean back on the smaller mound while facing you. Place your legs over his and rest your feet on the chair. Your partner can then lean back and enter you in this position, holding onto your ankles or legs for support. You’re sure to feel divinely joined at your collective centre—overlapping spirits entwined in bliss!

    tantra chair position starfish

  6. The Serpent

    The Serpent is a very exciting and igniting position. Have him lay back on the larger curve, legs splayed, while you lay serenely on your stomach, draped over the smaller curve with your legs beneath his, facing in the opposite direction. This will give your partner a wonderful view of your opening and its intricate details while also allowing you to experience his motion inside of you without the tension or undue resistance an uncomfortable position can cause. Simply steady yourself on the floor with your hands as you rock back to meet him.

    tantra chair position serpent

  7. The Ostrich

    Lay back on the smaller curve of your Tantra Chair and let your head spill back into the chair’s in-built valley, as your yoni tilts upward on the larger curve, perfectly served up to your willing lover’s tongue. Your partner need only kneel piously between your outstretched legs, holding onto your luscious hips for stability, to taste you fully–without having to crane his neck or prop your pelvis up on multiple pillows just to get the right angle. It’s possible to enjoy ecstatic g-spot stimulation in this position while feeling erotically exposed in all the best ways.

    tantra sofa position osterich

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Erica Suarez-Hillingdon

Tantra Massage & Couples Therapy Expert

Erica is the Editor of Karma Tantric Magazine and expert in all things Tantra & Tantric Massage. She specialises in helping men, women and couples unleash their sexual potential through her tantra teachings. | Read More