Tantra & Tantric Sex Positions - 1. The Karma Tidal Wave
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Tantric Sex Positions #1 – The Karma Tidal Wave

Erica Suarez-Hillingdon describes the first secret tantric sex position in the series

Our first tantric sex position of this series is ‘The Karma Tidal Wave’. It’s one of the oldest and most authentic tantra sex techniques ever recorded and there’s a reason for that. This position can offer couples the most intense pleasure possible, since the female’s clitoris is stimulated by the top of the male pelvis in waves of ecstasy.

How To Do It

With the male laid on his back, keeping his legs straight and together, the female should straddle him and slowly stretch out so she is lying directly on top of him with both pelvises aligned. The female should lift her torso, resting her weight on his hands. Then rock yourselves into a body slide motion, with the clit rubbing on the male until you both explode in ecstasy.

Why It’s Amazing

With every up and down slide, the clitoris rubs against the pelvic bone of the male, creating orgasmic friction. With each cascading wave, a sensation-boosting current is sent through every nerve ending in your skin.

“I just push and pull myself until I reach some of the most intense orgasms I have ever achieved”

So that concludes our first tantric sex position in the series, and I must say it’s a very good one to get you started on your tantra sex adventures. Be sure not to miss the next secret position called ‘The Karma Tangle’ which will be sure to keep things interesting in the bedroom for you and your partner. Happy waving 🙂 Erica x

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  1. magicman

    I discovered Tantra 4 years ago and am ever exploring and discovering it’s powers. I’m really enjoying your blog so far on the tantric massage types and their benefits. It’s so good to finally find some decent information on the topic. I have found that most agencies that call themselves tantric massage experts are clearly just a happy ending or escort company. I would love to try one of your massages one day.