Choosing The Right Karma Tantric Massage For You
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Choosing The Right Karma Tantric Massage Experience For You

Understanding the 10 different Karma Tantric Massages

With a range of different massage experiences on offer here at Karma Tantric, it’s important that you choose the right one for you.Exclusive to Karma Tantric we have developed the perfect selection of erotic massages and tantric treats to cater for your desires whichever mood you may be in. Our 10 sensual massage experiences are designed to lead you on your very own tantric journey, whichever you may choose…

Classic TantricClassic Tantric

The original Karma Tantric erotic massage. A modern fusion of authentic tantra and body to body techniques for a sensuous and uplifting experience. Karma’s classic tantric massage releases your muscular tension, de-stresses your mind and gives you that feel good factor that helps to balance your physical, mental and emotional self. Using warmed essential massage oil and provocative skin on skin body movements, you will slowly be lead you into a Lingam massage and full body energy release. In your very own hidden sanctuary of tranquility surrounded by flickering candles, your beautiful and skilled masseuse will lead you on a journey of relaxation and fulfillment. To Read more about our Classic Tantric Massage Click Here

Nuru TantricNuru Tantric

A style of erotic massage devised in Japan, Nuru Tantric is the ultimate in body to body fun and a firm favourite amongst our clientele. Nuru massage is performed with an organic seaweed gel expertly designed for optimum lubrication, the gel creates a unique sensation against the skin. Dimmed lighting, the sweet aroma of burning incense and rhythmical gliding motions over your body brings you down into a blissful relaxed state. The soft touch of your masseuse heightens and intensifies your senses leading into a monumental happy ending. Find out more about nuru massage click here

Aqua TantricAqua Tantric

A refreshing bathing ritual and a wonderful start to your massage experience. Relax your mind with a salt soak in the bath, accompanied by your Karma masseuse or feel the hands of your masseuse contour around your body cleansing you in the shower for a satisfying London soapy massage. Explore the sensation of the water on your skin and heighten your senses for a more rewarding body to body massage. This 30 minute preparation leaves you feeling relaxed and content, followed by a full 60 minute Classic Tantric massage for exceptional erotic satisfaction. To Read more about our Aqua Tantric Massage Click Here

Dark TantricDark Tantric

A kinky twist on tantra, Dark Tantric is the seductive contrast between BDSM and erotic massage. Karma Tantric cater for all sexual desires and we can give you a sensual retreat for you to begin your exploration of divine satisfaction and enlightenment. Tie and tease, Candle wax dripping, Sensory deprivation and spanking are just some of the elements we can incorporate in a Dark Tantric experience for you. Once you have specified your desires, you are at the mercy of our fantasy creators to tailor your perfect bespoke Dark Tantric encounter. Blissfully relaxed and aroused in skin tingling anticipation, the combination of dark and light will drive you wild to the point of ecstatic release. To Read more about our Dark Tantric Massage Click Here

Fantasy TantricFantasy Tantric

Fusing sexy uniforms and role-play with the authentic art of tantric massage for a playful rendezvous with an elite London masseuse. Your custom made role-play scene is prearranged at your direction, ensuring a perfect bespoke fantasy session tailored to your exact requirements. Be pampered and pleased by a naughty nurse, seduced by a sexy secretary or charmed by a college girl, delve into the deepest depths of your fantasies and unlock your hidden desires. Savour the ecstatic prolonged pleasure delivered by skilled sexy young ladies and leave our masseuses in a state of fulfilment and content. To Read more about our Fantasy Tantric Massage Click Here

Four Hand TantricFour Hand Tantric

The ultimate in pampered pleasure and luxury indulgence, the undivided attention of two expertly selected masseuses offering a ravishing threesome of erotic energy. Four hands fluttering over every inch of your body in full synchronisation, experience a Classic Tantric massage like no other. Their complementary movements and magical intuition will lead to a deep blissful meditation, each touch will feel intensified and enticing. Prepare for the most powerful erotic build up of sexual energy and euphoric final release you have ever experienced with a London 4hand massage. To Read more about our Four Hand Tantric Massage Click Here

Swedish TantricSwedish Tantric

A delightful combination of Swedish massage and authentic tantric techniques. Swedish Tantric utilises deep tissue manipulation to soothe your muscular aches with the soft sensuous elements of tantra. An invigorating cheeky twist on a holistic Swedish massage, the Karma Swedish tantric is perfect for those needing a little extra TLC. Release your body of tension and erase all worries from your mind with a detoxifying and refreshing encounter with Karma’s Swedish happy ending massage. To Read more about our Swedish Tantric Massage Click Here

Prostate TantricProstate Tantric

Within Tantric knowledge, the male prostate gland is considered the male G-spot. When gently massaged correctly, a prostate stimulation is incredibly pleasurable and when combined with a lingam massage leads to mind blowing orgasms. Alongside intense satisfaction, the massaging of this walnut sized gland has a multitude of health benefits including; reducing the risk of prostate cancer, prostatitis, and impotence. Regular massage of the prostate gland cleanses the semen gland and increases healthy circulation around the penis, leading to firmer erections. Embrace the secret indulgence of prostate massage with the sensual enjoyment of Tantra. Relax in the tranquil surroundings of a Karma Tantric expert masseuse and experience pleasures like never before.

Female TantricYoni Tantric

A sensual massage especially for women, performed by our experienced and beautiful female masseuses, creating the perfect setting to make you feel welcome and comfortable. Female Tantric massage gives you a safe haven to thoroughly explore the sensations of touch and pleasure, liberate your mind experiencing satisfaction only ever dreamed of. Emotionally healing, thoroughly relaxing and sensually ravishing, Yoni massage is very popular amongst couples and single women throughout London. Release your worries, frustrations and tensions with an authentic style Yoni massage. Discover your bisexual side or just indulge in a celebration of your sacred spot with a climactic and luxurious lesbian massage. To Read more about our Lesbian Tantric Massage Click Here

Couples TantricCouples Tantric

Becoming a sure favourite with Couples visiting and residing in London, couples Tantric massage is the perfect seductive treat. Enjoy a massage side by side or an intimate sensual threesome to reignite the spark in your relationship and passionately connect together. A truly bespoke service, your desires are prioritised to create a unique massage appointment exclusively for the two of you. Karma Tantric offer unrivalled Couples massages with bisexual, accomplished couples specialists. Rediscover each other in a luxurious tantric sanctuary, learn tantra techniques to bond together at home and savour the blissful satisfaction of couples erotic massage. To Read more about our Couples Tantric Massage Click Here

With London’s largest and most varied selection of Tantric Massage experiences, it’s no wonder we are the top London tantric agency. Try the sensual delights we have concocted for your ultimate satisfaction and leave your elite Karma masseuse with a spring back in your step.



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  1. AJ

    Hi there Erica. Was interested in the idea of a Aqua bubble session and wondered whether it was possible to also add Nuru too? It would be great if the two can be worked into one as you have made it impossible for me to choose between the two, they both sound great! -Thnx AJ.

    • Erica

      Hello AJ,
      Thank you for your query! It is certainly possible to combine the two massage styles, with both Aqua bubble and Nuru being amongst our most requested massage types the combination of the two would only be right 🙂 Given your preferred Karma Girl specialises in both your requested massage styles 2 x specialist massages can be combined either: Booked at a minimum; 2 hours session (inclusive within the lady’s advertised 2 hr rate) or Booked at 90min; supplement of £50, in addition to the lady’s advertised 90min rate.
      With the calm cleansing ritual of Aqua bubble followed by the slippery sensation of the Nuru session this session would absolutely be a highly pleasurable experience,
      Erica x

  2. MissEmma

    Hello Erica, I really love your blogs by the way 🙂 I have had a Yoni massage before which was delightful to say the least. Can other massage types that you do be used on women such as the fantasy massage? I think it might be more exciting if there was some role play in my next Yoni session, if that is possible.

    • Erica

      Thank you for your kind words Emma. In response to your question, yes certainly. Yoni massage sessions can be mixed with any of the other massage types to create a wonderful mix. Regarding the fantasy part, we would be happy to design the perfect fantasy for you, just give the Karma Team a call or send an email with your preferences and they will make the magic happen! I hope this helps and thanks again for reading. Erica x

  3. DrKhan

    Hello Karma team. Is it ok to order a nuru massage for an outcall to my hotel? Will the masseuse bring a bed or will she do it on the hotel bed? If done on the bed then isn’t it messy?

    • Erica

      Hello Dr Khan. Nuru massages can be provided for both incall and outcall bookings to your hotel. Karma Girls all have protective Nuru sheets that they will bring and cover the bed area with. This will make sure the nuru gel does not come into contact with the bed or bed linens. Please do let me know if you have any other questions and thanks! E

  4. nbeam

    Nice information Ms Erica, appreciated.

  5. jonjon

    I really like the Karma concept of having massage types, good to have a structure and know what you are booking beforehand

    • Georgia Karma

      Thanks Jon, All of our masseuses are trained at our in-house Karma Tantric Academy and are highly recommended for their excellent level of service. 🙂 Give us a call sometime and we would be happy to arrange a Classic Tantric or perhaps one of of specialist massage styles such as Nuru or our popular Aqua Bathing Ritual. X

  6. Simonnn

    Wow the dark tantric sounds great, would love to give that a try. Domination hasn’t always appealed to me but this sounds much softer and definitely up my street 😀 As always, great post Erica

    • Erica

      Thank you so much! Glad you enjoyed the information. It really makes all the difference to know my readers genuinely get a good read and that I can pass on information to help them. 🙂 Erica x