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Everything You Need to Know About Yoni Massage

Our resident tantrica Erica Suarez-Hillingdon reveals everything you need to know about Yoni Massage.

Yoni massage is a highly stimulating tantric practice that many women around the world crave. In a recent study here at Karma Tantric we revealed that 60% of 1000 women would consider trying a yoni massage treatment. So what exactly is a yoni massage and how can it fulfil your desires? Here I share everything you need to know about yoni massage.

What Does Yoni Mean?

Yoni means vagina in Sanskrit which can be interpreted as a sacred space. In the practice of tantra, a yoni massage is the ritual of erotic connectivity between two females. This massage is the release of tension and sexual energy between a masseuse and her female client. Both mental and physical tensions are freed, resulting in you being able to take pleasure from the delicate yet enchanting touch of another woman.

What Happens During a Yoni Massage?

During a tantalising yoni massage, the masseuse gently caresses her oiled body over yours, sliding up and down seductively until you are near climax. She will bring you down slowly and repeat the process again so you can obtain ultimate pleasure. The focus is on the vaginal area as the clitoris contains up to 8,000 nerve endings. This wonderful treatment occurs in a beautiful candlelit room against the sweet sound of calming music to keep you fully relaxed.

Do You Need to be a Lesbian to Enjoy a Yoni Massage?

No, you don’t have to be bisexual or gay to relish a yoni massage. Any woman will adore the stimulation of body to body contact. Explore a new adventure, the feeling of being pleasured by a woman and the incredible sensations of ecstasy. 60% of straight women would love to engage in a yoni massage, proving that you don’t need to have a particular type of sexual identity to enjoy this fascinating treatment.

Is Yoni Massage Just About Sex?

Yoni massage doesn’t need to be about sexual contact. In fact, in tantra, yoni massage is all about the erotic connection between both parties. A professional masseuse is experienced in providing the correct techniques to nurture the spiritual connection between two females. This practice will help you to completely unwind and relax from the stresses of daily life. Many women note that yoni massage helps them to release a higher energy that assists in connecting with the mind, body and soul. Furthermore, it can help with the mental healing of painful menstruation, sex and infertility.

Will I Achieve a Better Orgasm?

Many women have reported more intense orgasms when experiencing a yoni massage. However, it’s important to understand that you won’t feel orgasms that last for hours. A yoni massage helps to build up sexual tension in order to release erotic pleasure. Stimulating your pelvic area increases blood flow, lubrication and sensitivity; three factors that contribute to incredible orgasms.

Anyone struggling to achieve climax in their current sex life will be highly satisfied with yoni massage. You can enjoy the intense stimulation of a female masseuse in a safe and discreet environment without having to search for another party elsewhere.

Yoni Massage Will Enrich Your Sex Life

Improve your sex drive or unlock the fear of intimacy. A yoni massage will transform your sex life completely. If you’re in a relationship, your sex life will be boosted as you increase your knowledge and discover new ways to turn yourself on. Your confidence will improve and you’ll be able to revel in a satisfying sex life with your loved one.

With the knowledge you gain from yoni massage, you’ll also know how to use a vibrator or your fingers correctly to hit those pleasure zones.

A Yoni Massage at Home

If you want to try a yoni massage in your own home, try these suggestions. First, relax. Get a partner to lie you down in a comfortable area with candles and soothing music. Next, apply some lube. Your partner should apply it to the outer area first. Follow with some gentle strokes of the clitoris. Get your partner to gently insert their middle finger into the vaginal opening with differing speeds and depth. Keep massaging the area until climax.

Remember that while you can enjoy a yoni massage with a partner at home, booking a professional masseuse will ensure that the correct techniques are used to achieve the full range of benefits. A trained Karma yoni massage girl will make sure you’re completely relaxed to truly savour this amazing female treatment.

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  1. SK

    Great info thanks Erica. Sounds like the perfect secret pass time for when I’m feeling stressed out. SK x

    • Erica

      It certainly is. Yoni massage is great for easing the tensions of the muscles as well as the mind. A great start or finish to a long day. x

  2. Nat

    I have always been keen to try a yoni massage but was unsure. Your article has really helped me to decide and it’s definitely a yes! I am visiting from NYC next week and can’t wait to try my first Yoni massage in London when I arrive. Thank you for answering all my questions in one go! Natalie

    • Erica

      Always a pleasure Natalie. Make sure you give the Karma bookings team a call in advance so you can get a booking at the time you want. Our yoni masseuses tend to get very busy. xx