Trying The Lesbian Yoni Massage That’s Taking Over London
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Trying The Lesbian Yoni Massage That’s Taking London By Storm

This article was written anonymously by a curious Lesbian traveller….

As a resident of sunny Brisbane in Australia, I always felt like I had been missing out by not being close to my old friends living in London. Every year I was graced with amazing pictures of the London Pride parade and all of them together having so much freedom and fun.

Last year I had finally saved enough money to book my holiday ticket and finally join everyone for Pride in London. My two-week itinerary was jam-packed with the very obvious queer things to do such as eating and partying in the vibrant Soho area and taking a trip down to Kemp Town on the lovely seaside of Brighton.

Now I’m not bashing any of those things because, let’s face it, we have to tick off our gay checklists – but I had no idea that I would EVER engage in anything like a yoni massage. In this article, I’m going to tell my story and share with you what this sensual treatment is all about and what happened when I tried it.

What the Hell is a Yoni Massage!?

When my friend recommended that I try a yoni massage in London, I Googled “yoni” and found that it translated to “vagina” in Sanskrit meaning the ‘sacred’ place of a female. Hmm, I thought, so my friend wants me to go to London and get my sacred spot rubbed by a random woman? Is she serious?

After reading more about it, I realised that this practice was part of a much wider spiritual movement called tantra which originated in India. The main goal is to sexually liberate your mind, body and soul through the control of breath and touch. Whatever it entailed, there was certainly a mystic eroticism attached that intrigued me.

The whole idea is that an experienced tantric masseuse will work with you to take you to a higher state of sexual consciousness by taking you to the brink of orgasm and back through the skilful art of tantric massage sensation. The promise was an orgasm so powerful that you would basically burst into flames! Now, this is sounding interesting.

Taking the Plunge

I arrived in London and was staying at a friend’s apartment. After I unpacked and settled, a few of our friends popped over and we started to catch up like the old days. Of course, the subject of the proposed Yoni massage came up and we all started to giggle about the details.

To my surprise, of all the five ladies present, only one had admitted to NOT having one of these Yoni massages! I came to the very fast realisation that I was certainly missing out on something I had frankly never heard of before. How could I miss out on that? Time to take one for the team and find out.

After much coaxing from my friend and a couple of glasses (bottles) of wine, I decided to pluck up the courage and book an appointment with a tantric massage agency that was recommended to me – Karma Tantric. There were apparently other places to go however this agency had been the main source of orgasmic experiences for most of my girlfriends and regarded very highly by many in our community.

We opened the website and started to gaze through a number of profiles of super attractive ladies and their credentials. After a little deliberation, I narrowed my selection down to two ladies I liked the look and sound of. After all, if I was going to do this, I wanted it to be with the right girl.

The receptionist on the phone was lovely and carefully explained the whole process whilst patiently answering all my questions. She told me that one of the masseuses I had mentioned named Ellie, was available. I could either go to her luxury apartment in Oxford Circus or she could visit me at my apartment in 40 minutes. I decided that I would go to her place as I didn’t feel comfortable doing it at my friend’s apartment.

What Happened in my Yoni Massage?

As I nervously rocked up to her swanky Fitzrovia apartment, the door opened and a beautiful blonde bombshell wearing nothing but a black satin robe and three-piece lingerie greeted me. She invited me in and my anxiety switched almost instantly to sexual excitement. Ellie offered me some green tea and started to talk with me about what the session would entail.

She put me at ease by explaining the process, asking me whether I had experienced a yoni massage before and what I would like to achieve from the session. I sheepishly told her that this was my first time and that I would like to “go with the flow”. In my head, I was actually thinking – “just make me come REALLY hard!”

After a quick shower, Ellie took my hand and directed me to a candlelit room with soothing music playing in the background. She directed me to the massage bed and laid me on my front, covering my naked body with a towel. I laid there anticipating what her first touch would feel like, with flashbacks of how incredibly hot she looked in her outfit. Somehow I knew this was going to be an incredible experience.

I felt a warm towel cover my back and then some very grounding holds and touches, similar to the beginning of a Thai or Swedish massage. The towel soon was removed and the soft, gentle touch of Ellie’s hands and warm oil, ensured that there wasn’t an inch of my body untouched. It was such a beautiful sensation to be pampered in this way.

One of the nicest feelings I experienced was when she began the body slides. My massage included lots of body to body work, which means the masseuse uses all of her body to massage yours. This gives a wonderful sensation of connection when you feel that full-body touch.

It felt much more professional than I had expected, which put my mind at ease that this beautiful goddess of touch knew what she was doing. I was certainly getting aroused throughout the session and Ellie knew exactly which buttons to press to keep me on the brink of orgasm throughout the session. Especially when I turned over and laid on my back facing front.

By this point, I was very ready to receive a more intimate touch and Ellie was ready to take me on a rollercoaster of pleasure. I think I came around 4 times throughout the massage, with the first one being super explosive. Feeling so free and being in the safe hands of a skilled tantrica helped me achieve one of the most intense orgasms of my life.

The Secret’s Out!

After experiencing this massage first hand, I can completely understand why this is now one of the most popular sensual pastimes for lesbian girls in London and why this city is the leading hotspot for Yoni Massage. The more I mentioned this within our community, the more ladies are holding their hands up saying they regularly frequent a Yoni masseuse’s services. Quite incredibly, I also uncovered that even straight women are enjoying Yoni massages performed by another female!

Now I know why all my friends visiting this fabulous city always return with a spring in their step! I almost feel like I have discovered a secret community of pleasure and I am very glad I took the plunge to try it. It will definitely be something I will do again, I’m just sad that I didn’t have enough time to do it again before I left and that I didn’t have enough space in my suitcase to hide Ellie the magical yoni masseuse in.

Try Ellie’s Yoni Massage For Yourself

Ellie is a masseuse at Karma Tantric, providing sensual massages for females, males and couples for over 5 years. She has a vast range of knowledge in all aspects of erotic massage and is available for bookings by contacting the friendly bookings team at Karma Tantric on 0746 898 3212. Arrange a booking with Ellie today and experience the very finest in Yoni Massage.

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