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How To Plan The Perfect Outcall Visiting Tantric Massage in London

Here are some things to consider when organising an outcall tantric massage to your home or hotel

Tantric massage is a sensual and erotic massage experience that harnesses sexual energy for a truly orgasmic release. For those of you who may be considering an outcall tantric massage in London, I would like to elaborate a little on exactly how to go about it and what you must consider before moving forward. After all, receiving a masseuse at your location, whether a hotel or private residence, may be a little daunting if you are not sure what to expect during a tantric massage session. As a result, I have made a quick and easy guide to planning the perfect visiting tantric massage.

What Is An Outcall Tantric Massage?

When booking a tantric massage session you can usually opt for an Incall massage or an Outcall massage. ‘Outcall’ is the term that refers to a masseuse visiting you at your home or hotel, as opposed to an ‘Incall’ massage, which is when you visit the masseuse at her own location. Both options can be great, however, it will be down to your personal preference and consideration to choose whether an incall or an outcall would be best suited for you.

Understanding Outcall Tantric Massage

  • An outcall tantric massage is when a masseuse visits you in your place of residence or hotel room.
  • The opposite of an outcall massage is an incall massage, where you visit a masseuse at her place.
  • Whether to book an incall or an outcall massage is entirely your choice

Finding the Perfect Agency or Masseuse

To start, you will need to find the right masseuse for your London outcall tantric massage to ensure you have the best experience. There are two ways to go about doing this, either try to find an independent lady through classifieds or directories, or you can opt to use a reputable London tantric massage agency. The benefits of using an agency are that the whole arrangement, pricing etc is managed by a third party for you. This means no unexpected surprises and a more streamlined massage experience.

Did You Know?: “The friendly, British reception team at Karma Tantric offers the very highest standard of booking support available in the industry. Sit back and let the Karma team manage everything for you so you can relax and focus on enjoying your outcall massage.”

If you do choose to use a tantric massage agency, many agencies offer outcall erotic massages in London, so it can be difficult to know which agency is best to book with if you have not tried one before that you trust. Take a look at the agency website, the correctness of the information and the overall presentation that exhibits the professionalism of their offerings. Things like a real UK landline telephone number and email address that is not a throwaway one such as Yahoo or Gmail and an office address are always good signs that things are above board.

Did You Know?: “Karma Tantric are a tantric massage agency based in London, who specialise in all types of body to body massages. They pride themselves in the most professional and discreet incall and outcall massages in the London area.”

Once settled with an agency you feel is suitable, view the gallery of ladies available and choose which masseuse is best based on both looks and service. The main things to look out for are original pictures of ladies and user reviews from those who have had good outcall massage experiences before you. If you are still unsure, call on the help of the receptionist you speak to, who may be able to recommend the right lady for your requirements.

Choosing Your Tantric Massage Type

Different tantric massage agencies and independent visiting masseuses may offer a range of tantric massage experiences available for outcall. It’s important to choose a massage experience that’s right for you, so it’s always a good idea to understand in detail what you’re getting before you proceed. Some popular sensual massage types include:

Booking your Outcall Massage

So once you have decided on your masseuse, massage type and you’re ready to book an outcall massage in London, you will need to contact the massage agency or lady usually by phone. Make sure you listen out for important clues when you make the call. Does everything sound good? What is the attitude of the lady or receptionist on the telephone like? Are there any red flags raised in your mind or concerns? If so, make sure you ask all the questions you need to be satisfied that everything will be to your liking and exactly what you expect.

Did You Know?: “The Karma reception team would be delighted to assist you in answering any of your questions regarding your outcall massage session. Feel free to ask about anything at all, it’s their job to ensure you are correctly and clearly informed at all times.”

One thing you will need to decide is whether to have your massage at a hotel or in your own home. Hotels are usually the only option for business travellers looking for outcalls however some people like the discretion of booking hotels even though they have perfectly suitable homes to receive an outcall to. Many agencies and independent ladies will also only travel to certain areas for outcall visits so if your home is not within that area you may need to book a hotel that is closeby to the masseuse.

Booking An Outcall Massage To Your Hotel Room

If you are staying in a hotel, clearly state your hotel name and room number during the booking process. For security reasons, you should expect the agency to make a confirmation call to your room to ensure the correct room number and verify the name the room is booked under. This is totally normal for any visiting sensual massage booking and a standard procedure for any professional massage agency as a safety precaution for their ladies.

Did You Know?: “Karma Tantric never files or saves your sensitive information and it is destroyed as soon as the booking is completed. Our security policy is designed to uphold the most secure privacy and discretion consideration available anywhere in our industry.”

Be sure to mention any useful information such as whether access key cards are required for lifts, or any other access arrangements that may be important to ensure the smooth arrival of your masseuse. Sometimes if key cards are required, you may wish to meet in the bar or go down to bring the lady up yourself. It may just be a case of informing the hotel reception that you will be expecting a guest.

Did You Know?: “Karma Tantric have provided, hassle-free, discreet outcalls to the very best hotels in central London such as:

  • The Dorchester
  • The Montcalm
  • The London Edition
  • Shangri-La Hotel
  • The May Fair Hotel

We only provide outcall tantric massage services to the Zone 1 & 2 areas of London so may need to consider booking an incall massage if you fall outside of these boundaries.”

Booking A Tantric Massage At Home

If booking a lady for a home visiting massage, you will need to provide the full address including postcode so the lady can arrive at the correct location. Make sure the area you are having your tantric massage in is suitable and comfortable. Outcall tantric masseuses do not usually bring massage tables with them as they are hard to carry and a table is not best suited for a body to body massage. Try to ensure there’s enough space for the both of you and that the room is nice and tidy. Setting up the space is something you will need to adjust to your tastes however a good tantric masseuse should bring ample supplies with her such as suitable sound and visual ambience. If not, you may wish to set up some music and ambient lighting so you can relax during your session.

Did You Know?: “All Karma girls bring an ‘Outcall Pack’ with them for each and every outcall, containing a warm oil heater, high-end speaker, ambient playlist and also LED candles to ensure your experience is incredible.”

Benefits of an Outcall Tantric Massage

Although the actual tantra massage experience is exactly the same whether incall or outcall, there are some benefits to choosing an outcall massage.

  1. Convenience – The obvious benefit is convenience. You won’t have to travel at all and can simply relax in your own comfortable surroundings whilst you wait for your tantric masseuse to arrive. You also won’t have to leave after the massage and can blissfully unwind and let the therapeutic benefits takeover instead.
  2. Familiarity – Being in a familiar place can help the massage start on a positive note by removing any potential anxiety and awkwardness that comes with completely unknown surroundings. This may help you relax and feel more confident when starting your session.
  3. Fully Equipped Masseuses – One of the fears that some people have is that the outcall massage won’t be as good as an incall because the massage therapists may not have all the same equipment and supplies. If you choose a reputable tantric massage agency such as Karma Tantric, all masseuses will come fully equipped with towels, oils and all the usual garments necessary to provide an excellent standard of tantric massage.

Enjoy A Tantric Outcall Massage With Our Specialist Tantric Masseuses

Well, folks that summarises my guide on planning the perfect outcall tantric massage in central London, I hope it will help when organising a visiting massage to your home or hotel. As a closing note, Karma Tantric offers Incall & Outcall tantric massage in London and can take the stress out of organising this for you. Get in touch with the Karma Tantric team today on 0207 898 3212 or 0746 898 3212 to book your perfect London tantric massage session and let them plan your perfect experience.

Erica Suarez-Hillingdon

Tantra Massage & Couples Therapy Expert

Erica is the Editor of Karma Tantric Magazine and expert in all things Tantra & Tantric Massage. She specialises in helping men, women and couples unleash their sexual potential through her tantra teachings. | Read More

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  1. Steve

    Hello can you tell me if KarmaTantric can offer a couples outcall massage or do they only offer outcall massage for individuals? thanks

  2. TriumphKing

    Thanks Erica, I have been considering an outcall massage and I was a little worried about a few things. Seems your article answered most of them but I did still have one question, forgive me if I’ve missed it… If the lady is visiting me, does she bring her own candles, music etc? Or must I provide for her? Thanks for your wonderfully easy reading articles by the way, they are very helpful 🙂

    • Erica

      Hi there, the masseuse should bring everything she needs for the outcall massage when she comes. I have heard stories of some ladies being less than adequately prepared and therefore providing a second rate experience. I asked Suzy, one of the management team from Karma Tantric about this and she told me that Karma Girls are always equipped with everything they need from candles and oil, to music and even towels. She mentioned Karma Tantric are keen for the outcall massage experience to be of the same standard as any incall massage.

      I hope this helps please let me know if I answered your concerns. Erica x

      • TriumphKing

        Thats great news Erica, thanks for your prompt reply. I shall go ahead and call the Karma Tantric booking line as I am preparing a lovely tantric outcall session for when I arrive in London on Friday. Thanks again!