Tantric Massage Stories To Make You Hot Under The Collar
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10 Tantric Massage Stories That’ll Make You Hot Under the Collar

Our Editor, Erica Suarez-Hillingdon, has curated some of the steamiest tantric massage stories available on the web.

Ever wondered what tantric massage is like? Well, look no further. We’ve scoured the internet for some of the steamiest tantric massage stories out there. Read on for tales of married couples exploring each others’ bodies like never before, a tantric masseuse relishing hearing her client reaching climax and a man experiencing his first out-of-this-world tantric experience.

Diary of a couple’s first tantric massage experience

“Once she had given his back a good massage with her hands, she took off her lacy bra showing off her impressive large natural breasts and began to pour warm massage oil over herself. She gazed over at me while she spread the oil over her front standing in full view of both Richard and I. Richard looked at me with a shy grin and I smiled back like a naughty school child. Ellie began to slip and slide effortlessly over his bum up to his back using all her wonderful curves to glide over Richard. I could see Richard’s body succumb to the blissful strokes of Ellie’s body as she massaged him with her breasts.”

Sourced from Karma Tantric, read the full story here.

Tantric masseuse, Lara, gets as turned on as her client

“Using her index finger, Lara kneaded the lotion methodically, watching to see where the white flesh had been burnished scarlet the most due to the rub of the bicycle saddle. On reaching his anus Lara paused. She was enjoying the subtle change in the sound of Callum’s breathing. Suddenly he was panting as if he was cycling up a hill, rather than lying motionless across a massage bed.

‘How sore are you here?’ Tracing a second fingernail over his anus, Lara nodded in satisfaction as it puckered under the slight pressure.”

Sourced from Kay Jaybee, read the full story here.

A man’s first tantric massage is out-of-this-world

“When she started to massage my penis, her other hand moved down and she stimulated my anus. Quietly instructing me how to move and how (deep) to breathe. Going close to a climax and alternating the penis massage with other loving caresses, before going at it again. The combination of anal stimulation while having your oily penis massaged is out of this world.”

Sourced from Reddit, read the full story here.

Man finds his first tantra massage experience calming

“There was a happy ending, but it wasn’t like a jerk off session. She literally spent 20 minutes massaging my member and pushing on muscles while making me breathe and relax. Very enjoyable, and naturally it happened… She expressed before that it might not happen, but to relax and enjoy.. it happened in the middle, and she moved to my neck after to force me to relax. It made the entire end of the session very enjoyable.

I felt relaxed, calm… She knew what she was doing and really had a good flow with each step… Nothing was out of place. I wasn’t ashamed or stressed, she just did her talent on my body and enjoyed what she did.”

Sourced from Reddit, read the full story here.

Husband & wife give each other full-body orgasms

“After all these years, my husband can play me like a fine violin. He gets me completely relaxed and then builds my arousal level right to the edge of orgasm and keeps me there for a long time, until I’m squirming and desperate to come. Then he can gently slide me over the edge into a continuous orgasm or increase the intensity a LOT to trigger a full-body orgasm.”

Sourced from Reddit, read the full story here.


Wife describes tantric massage as “transcendental”, like LSD

“The people who get it most are the ones who have experimented with LSD or magic ‘shrooms. Hubs and I have had a bunch of experiences that sound familiar to them: out-of-body experiences, usually where one of us is looking down from above as the other person gives you a tantric massage; feeling like we have completely merged and are sharing both of our bodies; unbelievable sensations of pure joy; and the “spiritual” or “transcendental” feeling of ineffable knowledge, understanding, and bliss.”

Sourced from Reddit, read the full story here.

One couple’s Saturday morning tantric massage routine

“On Saturday mornings I drop the baby off at daycare. Hubs gets the massage table cleared off and the oil nicely warmed by the time I get home.

We shower together, soaping everywhere, lots of squirmy hugs and butt teasing. We rinse and dry each other and he combs and dries my hair. We then settle down and meditate for about 20 minutes.

After that, we move to the massage table and he lies face down. I work warm coconut oil into his skin as I massage his shoulders, back, butt, and leg muscles. I lift each foot and give it a nice massage, then work my way back up between the legs and tease his cock, massage his balls, and play with the buttplug in his ass.”

Sourced from Reddit, read the full story here.

Married couple explore tantric massage every day for a week

“I feel like I’m ‘serving’ you,” I told him. It wasn’t in a way that felt demeaning to me, but in a way that allowed me to focus on admiring his body and realize how grateful I was for him in my life. While he explored my body with his hands and mouth, he said he felt something similar, and that it was good to practice appreciating my body without thinking about the end goal of having sex.”

Sourced from Romper, read the full story here.

Husband organises surprise couple’s tantric massage while on holiday

“We all stripped out of our robes and my wife climbed onto the massage table. I took a seat on the couch as they started massaging my wife. Initially, it started off as any massage. As it developed it became more and more intimate, rubbing Jasmine’s breasts. It was amazing to see my wife naked, exposed on a table to two strangers who were exploring her entire body. As the massage neared to an end P started masturbating Jasmine. I heard her starting to breath heavier and they then summoned me to the table to join them. Jasmine already had P’s cock in one hand and when I arrived at the table she took hold of mine in the other. He continued to stimulate her clit until she had an ALMIGHTY orgasm. WOW! It was an amazing sight.”

Sourced from Reddit, read the full story here.

Man’s best-ever tantric massage with a yogic tantric masseuse

“My best experience was with a woman who was also a yoga instructor. She massaged my naked body from head to toe with her naked body. Pushed me, pulled me, twisted us both into an erotic pretzel. Culminated in a long, luxurious, edging handjob.”

Sourced from Reddit, read the full story here.

Give tantric massage a go

Tantric massage is a sensual experience that culminates in an amazing energy release, calming to both body and mind. If reading about these experiences has got you hot under the collar and you’d like to try tantric massage for yourself, get in touch to book a tantric massage at Karma Tantric. Our trained tantric massage specialists will guarantee you a mindblowing introduction to the world of tantric massage.

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