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What is Couples Tantric Massage & What are the Benefits?

Erica Suarez-Hillingdon answers all of your questions around the phenomenon of couples tantric massage, including busting myths.

Many of you may have heard of the growing trend of tantric massage for couples in London recently. It is a way, not only to reignite the passion in your relationship, but also to reconnect with your partner. If used correctly it is a valuable and useful tool that offers a whole range of relationship, sexual and mental benefits. It’s widely known that tantric massage can even save a relationship that’s failing.

For those who are looking to find out more about couples tantric massage in London, I have written this article and created an infographic to help you understand what a couples tantric massage is all about and what the benefits are. I hope it helps with your questions, feel free to share the article to raise awareness about the wonders of couples massage!

What Is Couples Tantric Massage?

Couples tantric massage is an erotic massage experience with your partner, usually performed by a highly trained tantric massage therapist using body to body massage techniques. The objective is to recharge your sexual energy and to reinforce a strong sexual bond between you and your partner. The masseuse will take you through a tantric journey where she will use warm oils to massage you and your partner, slowly releasing your tensions and connecting you as a couple. The idea is to intimately and gradually take you both to the edge of climax and back again until you eventually reach an intense, explosive happy ending for the both of you.

Understanding Couples Tantric Massage

  • An erotic massage for couples performed by a trained tantric massage therapist.
  • The massage reawakens sexual energy to reignite a couple’s sexual bond.
  • Using warm massage oils and body to body massage techniques, couples will experience an explosive orgasmic release.

Where Does It Usually Take Place?

The couples massage session will usually take place in a private, intimate, candlelit room with ambient music to help create a sense of complete relaxation. You can either visit a professional masseuse at her location or arrange for her to visit you at your home or hotel.

What Are The Benefits Of Couples Tantric Massage?

1. Engage In Something Adventurous & Erotic

When was the last time you tried something adventurous in the bedroom with your partner, such as roleplay? The sad reality is that the longer couples are together sometimes the harder it is to be sexually free and realise fantasies or be honest about sexual fetishes, for fear of being embarrassed or rejected. It’s not about sharing your partner with someone else, it’s about trying something new together.

2. Relight That Sexual Spark You Both Miss

New couples tend to let their guard down sexually at first, in a burst of sensual eroticism. Why should that exciting and dynamic sex life be something that you have to lose over time? Couples massage can offer you both something to feel excited about and reignite the passions that once were the reason for your happiness.

3. Learn New Ways To Pleasure Each Other

Couples tantric massage is a great way to explore your partner and learn new ways to arouse and satisfy each other. A couples body to body massage session is an erotic learning experience where tantric massage techniques can be performed on each partner while the other watches and learns. You can then take your knowledge home with you and explore further with your partner in your private time.

4. Explore Your Sexuality In A Safe Environment

Couples tantric massage is a much better option for most partners than swinging or booking an escort. Not only are the risks of infidelity reduced, but the experience is also a spiritual and erotic one rather than one of bad taste. Escorts are notoriously mechanical and swingers can become a bit too involved, exposing a real risk to your relationship with your wife or partner.

5. Eliminate The Need To Stray

By indulging in a couples massage together you can stop the need to look elsewhere for both yourself and your partner. If sexual needs become overlooked that is when the real danger of your partner seeking satisfaction elsewhere occurs – one of the most common reasons why couples break up. Why not nip that in the bud and enjoy a couples tantric massage together before you both liaise with others elsewhere?

Demystifying Couples Massage

Myth: It’s awkward to receive an erotic massage whilst your partner is present.

The truth: Once you free your mind and body you will feel an enlightenment between you and your partner that has no shame or embarrassment.

Myth: Tantric massage is only about sex and is like visiting an escort.

The truth: The essence of tantra is to create a flow of sexual energy between one another, and is not a mechanical or dirty sex session.

Myth: I will feel jealous of another person touching my partner.

The truth: Remember your tantric masseuse is there to guide you both into a supreme connection. The focus is on establishing a balance of energy between you and your partner.

How To Arrange The Perfect Couples Massage

1. Discuss the opportunity with your partner

Remember, couples tantric massage is something you both need to be comfortable with trying. Take a look online at the many resources and information available together and see how you both feel about it – I’ve included several links to related articles throughout this article that may be helpful. It’s important to remember, though, that this is a spiritual massage. And even though it may include nudity, it is not an ‘escorting’ type of experience. Make the decision to try it only if you are both truly happy to give it a go. It would not be beneficial if only one of you is confident to move forward.

2. Find the perfect couples tantric masseuse

There are many tantric masseuses available through independent directories and agencies. The main thing you need to be sure of is that the lady you choose is properly experienced in couples sessions. Balancing the energy between you and your partner is only something a skilled tantric masseuse can achieve and is essential to make it work. Read this before you go to an erotic massage parlour in London.

3. Book your session

Arrange the session when you do not have too many other things going on. Maybe an evening when you are staying away at a hotel where the stress of life and work cannot reach. Maybe start the evening with a nice meal or something that awakens the senses such as a music concert, theatre or even just a few drinks out with your partner.

4. Get prepared

Make sure that if you are arranging your massage session at home, also known as an outcall massage, there will be no interruptions or distractions for the time leading up to and during your session. If at a hotel, hang the do not disturb sign on the door and relax as you await your masseuse to arrive. You may wish to take a shower together before the session starts but remember to leave some passion for the massage.

5. Enjoy the perfect couples session

Any good couples tantric specialist will provide a consultation before the session begins to understand your requirements as partners. The most important thing is for you both to be comfortable and relaxed enough to sit back and enjoy the incredible massage experience.

Demystifying Couples Massage Infographic

The Couples Tantric Massage Guide (infographic)

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Book Your Couples Tantric Massage With Trained Specialist Tantric Massage Therapists

So there you have it. Hopefully all the information you will need to consider having a wonderful couples tantric massage session with your partner. As a closing caution, I would say that you should be mindful when booking a couples session with a tantric massage agency and ensure that your masseuse is properly skilled in couples tantric dynamics. All masseuses who offer couples sessions here at Karma Tantric are specialists trained in couples massage techniques to ensure that the session is mindful to consider both your and your partner’s needs. Get in touch with our friendly team today to book your couples tantric massage experience. I wish you and your partner every success with reconnecting.


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  1. EmStar

    Is it possible to have two masseuses for our couples tantric massage? My husband and I would like one each, or is that greedy? 🙂

    • Erica

      Hi Em, many couples opt for two masseuses, either one each or all together for a fabulous four hand couples massage. The choice is yours. x

  2. Jem

    My partner and I are really considering a couples tantric massage and have a few more questions for you Erica, before we proceed. Is it ok if we call in on the phone to discuss? Thank you. Jem

    • Erica

      Hi Jem, thanks for reaching out.
      Yes of course, just give the team at Karma Tantric a call on 02078983212. Either Mimi, Sophie or myself would be happy to answer any questions you may have. x