17 Erotic Yoni Massage Stories That Really Happened
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17 Yoni Massage Stories Of Female Erotica That Will Leave You Wet

Our resident tantrica Erica Suarez-Hillingdon shares some excellent stories about Yoni Massage.

If you’ve ever wondered what a yoni massage is or what a yoni massage is like, you’ve come to the right place. A yoni massage is a heavenly massage devoted entirely to pleasuring the vagina. To help you understand just how satisfying this mindblowing erotic massage practice is, we’ve compiled some of the hottest yoni massage stories for you to read at your leisure (and your pleasure). But be warned, we can’t promise they won’t leave you riled up and hungry for more.

Woman Is Taken On A Rollercoaster Of Pleasure With Her First Professional Yoni Massage

A woman enjoys her first yoni massage in London with an experienced tantric masseuse, Ellie. The massage begins with a pampering Swedish massage, moves on to a sensual body to body massage and culminates in an explosive and orgasmic yoni massage.

“It felt much more professional than I had expected, which put my mind at ease that this beautiful goddess of touch knew what she was doing. I was certainly getting aroused throughout the session and Ellie knew exactly which buttons to press to keep me on the brink of orgasm throughout the session. Especially when I turned over and laid on my back facing front.”

Sourced from Karma Tantric, read the full story here.

Husband Explains The Yoni Massage Techniques He Uses To Drive His Wife Wild With Pleasure

A husband ensures his wife is well taken care of with a thorough full-body massage that ends with a stimulating massage of her labia and clit. Needless to say, she comes.

“Whenever I give my wife a massage she definitely wants her “yoni“ taken care of. I do her neck, back, buttocks, thighs, and calves first. Then I roll her over and massage her shoulders, arms, breasts, tummy, her thighs, and calves. I save the happy ending for last because by then she is quite turned on. Massaging her inner thighs inside her crotch I then slowly glide two fingers up-and-down her labia lips and then I grab them and squeeze a little bit and continue massaging them.”

Sourced from Reddit, read the full story here.

Wife Describes Her First Yoni Massage Given To Her By Her Husband (DH)

After a wife asks her husband to read up on yoni massages, she returns from her shower to find him prepared to take on his first yoni massage mission. He was so turned on by giving her a vaginal massage, it didn’t take him long to reach climax too. And it opened up the door to more sexual experiences between them.

“Last night, I was laying on my stomach on the floor with a clay mask on my back to get ready for beach season. Obviously, I was naked bc clay masks are messy. DH kept groping at my butt so I asked DH to read about yoni massages.

Went to shower and get ready for bed and came out to a towel on the bed and coconut oil nearby. Oh, it was glorious.And of course, he couldn’t help but be completely turned on so much that it didn’t take long to finish his happy ending lol. Can’t wait to give him a massage and work on the edging part together.”

Sourced from Reddit, read the full story here.

Woman Describes The Yoni Massage Techniques Her Partner Uses On Her Small, Sensitive Clit

A woman and her partner regularly engage in sensual yoni massages together. After working on her back, butt, legs and feet, he moves on to her sensitive erogenous zones, sending her into a complete arousal frenzy.

“I have a small, sensitive clit, so my guy mostly avoids direct contact with it and provides indirect stimulation by sliding the hood over the clitoral shaft, by tapping rapidly on the mound or shaft, by pulling downward on the inner lips, or by gripping the outer lips tightly together and moving them up and down so they squeeze and slide on the clit. Or he spreads the lips and licks my whole vulva upward several times using a very broad, soft tongue, and then he slides the tip of his tongue very gently on either side, between the shaft and the outer lips.”

Sourced from Reddit, read the full story here.

Hindu Wife Describes The Sensuality & Spirituality Behind Yoni Massage

An Indian wife engages in yoni massage with her husband a spiritual act, an act of devotion and indulgence in each other. The massage sessions can last for hours, bringing them closer together as a couple.

“When my husband gives me a yoni massage he can spend up to two hours on it. This isn’t some Pornhub oil massage video, this is an Indian yoni massage. We take our time, we indulge in each other, we tease, we savor. It’s very very slow, sensual, he reads my body cues and breathing. It might be 60 minutes before he even does any penetration. The time he spends on me means a lot, it shows his selflessness and devotion to me and my pleasure and his love for my body as he spends time running his hands over me. It’s a very loving moment between us and it makes me want to ensure that he is fully pleasured too when he’s ready. It can be a very connecting experience if done right and if you understand the meaning behind it.”

Sourced from Reddit, read the full story here.

Woman’s Friend Gives Her a Yoni Massage In A Class In Brooklyn, New York

A woman attends a yoni massage class with her friend, Jane, who spends an hour working on her torso, back and shoulders before beginning to massage her vagina, tenderly then deeply. After the orgasmic three-hour session, she returns to her boyfriend and has great sex.

“At this point, Jane’s hands move closer to my outer vaginal lips. She presses points on the bone eventually making another circle. I rate my comfort level – a five – and breathe. She enters.

It feels like what she had tried to describe to me before: a deep-tissue massage inside of your vagina. As her small hands apply pressure. With my consent, an instructor also delves inside to show Jane where to press and how hard.”

Sourced from Winston Wise, read the full story here.

Experienced Tantra Couple Explore Their Yoni Massage Technique In Detail

A passionately devoted couple, Don and Cammie, are interviewed about their tantric experiences and they describe in detail how they’ve perfected their yoni massage technique to connect with each other on a transcendental level.

“Using his thumbs and fingers and plenty of lube, Don gently stretches, strokes, and massages the outer labia, then each of the inner labia, the central vestibule, and the area around the entrance to her vagina. He leans down and uses his lips to grip and gently stretch each of the inner labia in turn. He also uses his lips to surround the whole vulva and to suck gently; he knows Cammie loves this feeling and that it helps the labia and clitoris fill with blood.”

Sourced from Modern Tantra, read the full story here.

Mature Couple Explain How Yoni Massage Has Helped Keep Their Sex Life Alive

Marla and Cabot, a couple in their 60s and 70s, are interviewed about how tantric sex and yoni massage helps keep their sex life active, fun and orgasmic, especially after Marla went through menopause.

“Cabot: What Marla means is that we always start with some meditation and yoni massage. Not the full body massage, unless she’s got sore muscles from dancing or gardening or something, but usually just the final part. Call it really extended foreplay, if you like. This works better for us because these days I can take a long time to get hard if we just hop into bed. But massaging her and giving her some screaming orgasms really helps get me in the mood. And it’s faster than the full yoni massage because she’s not trying to meditate and delay things.”

Sourced from Modern Tantra, read the full story here.

Young Lovers Describe How Yoni Massage Fits Into Their Love-Making

Hans and Anna, a couple in their twenties, explore yoni massage as part of their tantric sex sessions. Anna finds that yoni massages make her shake from head to foot, turning her inside out.

“With one hand massaging my clit and vulva, and the thumb of the other hand in my yoni, he can reach my “rosebud” with his other fingers. When he massages it and makes little circles on it, it feels divine. No insertion, though. It’s too distracting at that point and it makes me lose my concentration on my breathing and my mantra.

I get greedy sometimes, and since I learned to control things I sometimes think I take advantage of Hans’ patience. I’ll tell him to back off or just stop for a little bit, then start up, and slow down, and start up and slow down, just because it feels so good to make it last longer. But it sometimes makes me lose my focus if we go on too long, so I have to be careful.”

Sourced from Modern Tantra, read the full story here.

Sexologist Describes Her First Professional Yoni Massage As Meditative & Reassuring

A sex coach tries her first yoni massage which begins with intention-setting and an undressing ritual. After meditating, the massage begins with a sensual full-body massage using yoni massage oil. Once she’s fully relaxed, the masseuse begins stimulating her yoni to an orgasmic and revitalising conclusion.

“This practice for me ended up being one that was quite Tantric; essentially I worked on bringing the orgasmic energy up through my body, to revitalise my energetic body (my chakras) and to connect to my heart.

Afterwards, I felt reassured. I felt like I understood my body, my vagina and my sexual fingerprint more than ever (I know too that the growth won’t stop here) and there were points where I know I could have let go more … maybe in the future.”

Sourced from news.com.au, read the full story here.

Woman Orgasms 5 Times In Pleasurable First Yoni Massage Experience

Olotu Funke has her first yoni massage experience with a professional male massage therapist. Combining tantric breathing exercises with massage strokes, her sexual energy is truly unlocked. She’s satisfied with her pleasurable results when she orgasms 4 or 5 times in just one hour.

“I was lying naked on the bed, face up and he started with connecting our breaths – breathing in and out deeply. He massaged my legs, my thighs, gently brushing my vagina with his hands, then my arms, fingers, every part of my body. When it was time to stimulate my clitoris, I was already wet and I just let myself feel everything, moaning softly and gradually went loud, my nipples were not left out, they were treated how I wanted them to be treated.”

Sourced from Olotu Funke, <u”>read the full story here.

Woman Describes The Transformative Power Of An Intimate Yoni Massage

For this woman, her yoni massage experience leaves her feeling alive, moved and transformed by the experience she shares with her gentleman massage therapist. Despite not reaching climax, this is her own decision that she honours with integrity.

“I let him have my body and trust him with it. This gentleman, stroking, moving, one finger at a time. Nothing in a rush. Nothing any other way than what it is. I so desire to let go, to express myself fully and completely with him. I find myself holding back just enough. The last pieces. I don’t give him my orgasm. I don’t let him go inside me, even though my being desperately longs to be penetrated. Taken, opened to God.”

Sourced from Medium, read the full story here.

Woman Tells How Yoni Massage Feels Like An Overwhelming Source Of Love Flowing Throughout The Body

A woman turns to yoni massage therapy to heal her broken heart after a bad breakup. She finds the experience loving, safe and healing, as if the whole universe’s love is gathering within her.

“Time disappears and my body becomes weightless and overwhelmed by a sense of endless universal love. “Imagine your vagina like a clock. Here’s six o’clock, here’s three o’clock, here’s nine o’clock,” she almost whispers, while she slowly puts gentle pressure on various points inside the vagina. “Now, I probably touch your g-point … at 12 o’clock.”

Sourced from Your Tango, read the full story here.

Yoni Massage Experience Gives Woman Full Body Orgasm & Helps Her Set Intentions For Moving Forward

A woman’s spiritual and intentional yoni massage releases all of the tension inside of her, both muscular and sexual. After her climactic experience, she makes a point of setting a positive intention to move forward in her life. A truly moving experience.

“There were certain areas that were more pleasurable than others and once she hit the sensitive A spot, the focus stayed there. Now I must say, going into this, I was not expecting to have an orgasm—I thought it would help release some tension, but that I was filled with too much tension to really let go and experience an orgasm.”

Sourced from Lisa and Her World, read the full story here.

Bangkok Masseur Touches Woman’s Vagina As It Has Never Been Touched Before

A woman tries a yoni massage while she’s visiting Bangkok and, after having her vagina explored like a cave, she is so moved by the experience that she plans to continue her tantric education further.

“Finally the session has started, I told myself as “I should be able to do this” and took off all my clothes and lay down on a bed. He smiled at me reassuringly, while he got three different bottles of scented oils and started massaging my feet. “Should I close my eyes I gently asked him. “ You do whatever makes you feel comfortable, but most women close their eyes, yes”.

I felt completely relaxed as I lay there feeling my whole body touched with awareness and skill, and slowly, as his hands moved closer to my vagina, I started breathing with anticipation and remember thinking; “I hope he touched my clitoris” – but he didn’t. He touched my vagina* as it had never been touched before. It felt he was exploring a cave, where he had to press, push and stimulate every single part of it on his way into depths. The session continued for almost 40–50 min.”

Sourced from Quora, read the full story here.

Masseur Recounts The First Time He Gave A Female Client A Happy Ending Massage

A male massage therapist intuitively responds to his female client’s erotic desires while giving a regular massage. For the first time in his massage career, his massage becomes physically intimate as he pleases her with a pleasure-fuelled yoni massage.

“By the middle of the massage, she was perceptibly moving her body and making low erotic noises. I fed her lascivious desires with slow, deep, long-flowing strokes, teasingly caressing her erogenous parts from her head to feet, my intuitive hands responding as her body throbbed with libido, a libido that was obviously looking for some kind of climatic expression. After an hour, she turned face-up.

Not surprisingly, there was a wet spot where her body was on the black silky cotton sheet that covered the massage couch.”

Sourced from Women’s Health, read the full story here.

Explore The Delights Of Yoni Massage With A Professional Tantric Masseuse

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