How Tantric Massages Can Save Your Relationship
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How tantric massages can help save your relationship

Erica looks into how confidence can be improved through couples tantric massage

We’ve all been there – swept along in those first heady months of dating where you simply can’t get enough of each other and the bedroom becomes your second home. But this initial passion doesn’t last forever. Hopefully, it is replaced by something deeper and longer lasting, which tantric massage can further strengthen. But sometimes, life and the daily grind just get in the way and the passion you were once so committed to slowly ebbs away.

For some couples, problems with love making, or lack of it, become so divisive it splits them up. No longer able to enjoy each other physically they become more emotionally distant, perhaps even have an affair and separate. Not many people will admit bad lovemaking is to blame, some may not even consciously realise that’s the underlying problem. But more often than not the lack of physical fulfillment leads to a lack of emotional fulfillment, which slowly strangles the relationship.

Government statistics reveal 42% of marriages currently end in divorce, which shows there is plenty of room for improvement. Adding a couples tantric massage to your relationship can really help, creating a new dimension that gives you a deeper understanding of your partner and makes you want to stick together.

Couples tantric massage can give you back your spark

Relationships will often fail because the sex becomes sporadic, formulaic and boring. It can feel more like a chore than a pleasure, particularly if you are tired and stressed because of other pressures in your life.

A survey by Prima Baby Magazine revealed sex drops for women from ten times a month on average before having children to just four times a month afterwards. Postnatal counselor Ann Herreboudt believes the figures are even worse with 40% of new parents not having any sex for up to two years. Women can feel too tired or pressurised and men can feel rejected if their advances are regularly rebuffed. Repeated rejection can lead to low self-esteem, which can make both men and women feel moody, depressed and even less inclined to make love. The whole thing becomes a self-perpetuating downward spiral.

Even if couples do engage in sex, believing it will bring them closer together, they can find it has the opposite effect, leaving them frustrated and unsatisfied. The physical act of sex may have been completed satisfactorily and you may have both reach orgasm, but there is no deeper connection and no emotional understanding which can help nourish the soul as well as the body.
Couples tantric massage can unlock a deep sensual passion between you both. Using different touching and stimulation techniques it can show you new ways to pleasure each other. Tantric techniques can be used on one partner whilst the other watches and learns.

It is a spiritual practice rather than a purely mechanical one as you might find with an escort service, helping you to connect emotionally as well as physically. In addition, it can help give you back your spark by trying something new.

Experiencing a tantric massage together helps to remind you of your shared experiences and allows you to lose yourself in the eroticism of the moment. It creates a deeper connection with your partner and reminds you of those early halcyon days when you really were enough for each other. It not only recaptures some of those moments but it helps improve upon them and opens you up to new and exciting shared experiences.



  1. KrisJag

    My wife were going through a rough path a few years ago. We both have very stressful jobs and found it difficult to make time for each other and when we did it was very hard to connect. After trying a few different things including counselling a friend suggested we try Karma for a couples massage. When we finally plucked up the courage to call we were helped out by a lovely girl who suggested Ellie for our first Couples Massage. We were not disappointed, of course we were nervous and first but we we put at ease straight away. Not only did we have a mind blowing sexual experience but we felt a connection with each other we hadn’t felt in years. We now see Ellie a few times a year and also use some of the amazing techniques she has taught us at home. Thank you Karma x

  2. Suzie

    What a fab site! Love all the info and looking forward to seeing Arianna for our couples massage soon Cheers, Susan x

  3. sandardee

    Hi there. The above article really hit home a bit. I find myself in a marriage where although we love each other very much, we are always too tired or too busy to allow some intimate time. Im really pleased that we aren’t alone in our struggles