Erotic Lesbian Massage Story: Read 7 Real Sexy Stories
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7 Lesbian Massage Stories That’ll Make Your Knees Go Weak

Our tantrica Erica Suarez-Hillingdon shares 7 excellent stories about Lesbian Massage.

Ever wondered what it was like to get an erotic lesbian massage? We can assure you the sensual strokes of a girl-on-girl massage are all you’ve fantasised about and more. To satisfy your curiosity, we’ve pulled together some of the most sensual lesbian massage stories to be found online. Get ready for steamy and oiled-up body-to-body tantric lesbian massages, plus some first-time girl on girl massage experiences thrown in for good measure. But be warned, once you read these stories, your mind will want to stray back to these sapphic scenes time and time again.

A curious lesbian traveller books a professional yoni massage after speaking to her friends

A young Aussie woman travels to London to stay with friends and enjoy the gay scene. While there, a friend advises she tries a yoni massage. Reading up on it she’s intrigued by the erotic mysticism and the promise of a powerful orgasmic experience. So, she decides to book a lesbian massage in London with an attractive masseuse called Ellie. On the day, she arrives at Ellie’s Fitzrovia apartment and, after 4 explosive orgasms, leaves feeling lighter than air.

“As I nervously rocked up to her swanky Fitzrovia apartment, the door opened and a beautiful blonde bombshell wearing nothing but a black satin robe and three-piece lingerie greeted me. She invited me in and my anxiety switched almost instantly to sexual excitement. Ellie offered me some green tea and started to talk with me about what the session would entail.”

Sourced from Karma Tantric, read the full story here.

Woman enjoys first lesbian massage experience with Korean masseuse

A lesbian who is particularly attracted to femme Asian women has her first lesbian massage with an older Korean woman. She enjoys her first experience immensely. The masseuse stimulates her erogenous zones, her bum cheeks and her inner thighs, before bringing her to orgasm with tantalising oral. Needless to say, she went back for more, time and time again.

“My first experience was actually very, very good. She is older, in her late 30s, Korean, her name Eunmi, and gave just a wonderful massage. At one point while I was laying on my stomach she pulled the towel and started massage my cheeks and upper thighs which is an erotic zone for me. I could barely contain myself. I had goosebumps all over and it was obvious she could tell I was getting very excited.

I finally turned over and grabbed her hand to guide it to my vagina and she took it from there. She was no novice and her oral skills were absolutely wonderful. Needless to say, I was a very satisfied customer.”

Sourced from Reddit, read the full story here.

Woman describes her fantasy erotic lesbian massage experience

A mouthwatering tale of one woman exploring another woman’s vulva and vagina – teasing her from the inside out, as she gets wetter and wetter. The massage comes to a climax when the masseuse fists her client’s dripping wet pussy. In a tantalising turn of events, the client starts touching the masseuse… And things escalate into a full-blown two-way lesbian massage experience.

“She sits there and stares at my pussy for a long time. I can feel the juice dripping; my pussy swelling and throbbing. Touch me! Touch me! Evonne reaches for the hot massage oil on the table. She pours it over my mound, and I can feel every ounce drip between my legs. She pours it on her own hands and directs the spout over her own pussy. Her twat glistens. Leaning forward, she rubs my abdomen, pubic bone, inner thighs.”

Sourced from, read the full story here.

Straight woman gets unexpected lesbian massage in Marrakech & highly recommends it

Mum of 3, Jane, gets more than she bargains for when she arranges a post-mountain trek massage in Marrakech. She’s left wondering if she just had a fantastic massage or whether she’d actually had her first lesbian encounter after her masseuse undoes her bra and begins firmly massaging her breasts. She does her best not to let out a sex moan!

“Christ alive it was heavenly, each stroke of her hand, each firm rub of her palm caused my rather weary body to dance internally with ecstasy. It was all I could do not to moan. I really didn’t want to moan, because let’s face it, any moan sounds like a sex moan, and I didn’t want to sex moan on the bed of a massage parlour in Marrakech.”

Sourced from Northern Mum, read the full story here.

Erotic story describes pleasurable lesbian massage from client & masseuse’s point of view

Lisa and Laura, client and masseuse, engage in weekly sensual lesbian oil massages. Lisa gets aroused from the moment Laura calls her name to bring her to the massage room. The massage begins with oil being rubbed into Lisa’s arms and hips, eventually moving south to Lisa’s clitoris and ends with an explosive orgasm that Laura never tires of seeing.

“Laura slowly massaged the oils into Lisa’s arms and then hips. She always enjoyed giving Lisa a massage. The way Lisa let her touch and massage her body made even her aroused. She looked at her perked nipples while she was rubbing her breasts. Each time her fingers came closer to her clitoris Lisa would moan silently, without even being aware of it. Laura thought how that on its own made Lisa even more desirable.”

Sourced from Ladybirds Web, read the full story here.

Woman tells how professional masseuse willingly massaged her clit and vagina inside and out

At a women’s second visit to a masseuse, she plucks up the courage to hint that the massage could take a more erotic turn by slowly removing the drape covering her. As one thing leads to another, the session turns into a thoroughly satisfying happy ending massage.

“My first massage was very professional, Drapes were used both top and bottom while on my stomach and on my back. On my second visit when I flipped over onto my back. Ashley was massaging my shoulders, I indicated we probably do not need this top drape do we? And as I slowly started to take it down, she said okay and removed it. She eventually started massaging around my breast. I told her that feels great and she moved to massage my entire breast and nipples. It was a total turn-on for me.”

Sourced from Quora, read the full story here.

Fantasy tale of woman’s orgasmic lesbian massage experience

A woman relishes her intimate lesbian massage during a weekend away at an LGBT spa with her lesbian partner, who is also receiving an erotic massage on the table next to her. She becomes putty in her masseuse’s hands as she works her way slowly across her shoulders, to her groin and then up to her pussy lips. The massage heats up resulting in an all-out lesbian sex session leaving all parties fully satisfied.

“Again I felt her strong massaging fingers, again the tingle of her knuckles sweeping up and over my groins and navel, again her lithe fingers deftly sweeping perilously close to my Labial lips. Unashamedly I bent both knees up and out, relishing in the near orgasmic tingle quivering within me, sensations of a need to be touched but frustratingly aware that that could not happen. I was wrong! Susan’s hand now cupped over my Labia, and as I expelled a small gasp of breath her middle finger slipped slowly between the lips of my pussy.”

Sourced from Literotica, read the full story here.

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