The Ultimate List of Sensual Massage Oil Brands For Intimacy

The Ultimate List of Sensual Massage Oil Brands For Intimacy

Looking for the best place to find massage oils? Erica gives us her advice on the best sensual massage oil brands.

With so many different ways to engage in pleasure these days, there are also just as many items available on the market to help you perform them. Whether buying outfits for roleplay sex games, or even trying out bdsm or bondage equipment the list is endless. Just browse on any online sex shop and you will find a huge range of products that are all designed to heighten your sexual experiences and make them as orgasmic as possible.

Saying that, it’s important to only purchase goods from trusted sources to ensure not only quality, but also that they are made well and safe to use. This is where my CV and experience comes in, to help all our readers make wise choices when choosing adult products for quality, good value for money and good service. I have tried and tested literally thousands of adult sexual health items over the years and purchased them from just as many different stores.

As we are an erotic massage focused magazine, It’s probably no surprise then that one of the most common items I get asked my advice about is sensual massage oils and nuru massage gel. After all, erotic massage is something that often leads into other acts and a good starting point when entering any sexual experience. Thankfully, I have gallons of knowledge and experience with buying massage oils online and have narrowed down the list of the very best places and brands for you to consider.


YesforLuv - cosmetic brand logo

YESforLOV is the first cosmetics brand entirely devoted to the pleasures of love, sublimates love in a different way in its feverish preparation, its secret and rare moments or its shared emotions. YESforLOV offers an elegant image of French love: a provocative but sensitive love, a love resolutely dedicated to refined pleasures, an erotic and sensual love with exacerbated hedonism.

By providing the ingredients to spice up, in a chic and elegant way, your daily love life, YESforLOV invites you to an intimate life that is global, practical and uncomplicated, demanding, and fun.

Kama Sutra

Kama Sutra logo (1)

Kama Sutra is the leader in luxury romance products. In 1969 their very first product, Oil of Love, revolutionized the adult market and made them the iconic brand that they are today. Since Kama Sutra’s inception, their purpose was passionate but simple: To help bring couples together by creating intimacy in their lives. While the inspiration for Kama Sutra may be ancient, the intention behind its products is eternal.

Today, they continue to evolve to satisfy their customer’s desires and needs. Their dedication to the well-being of the mind, body and spirit transcends through a diverse range of products that is sure to appeal to everyone, from the modest to the adventurous. Kama Sutra has proudly been Making Love Better for over 50 years and is devoted to giving the same for generations to come.



Promescent is a wellness company addressing the biggest intimacy concerns for men, couples, and women with a collection of sexual wellness essentials and health supplements. Their sensual massage oils are responsibly sourced, contain natural ingredients, and are made in the USA. There are four invigorating scents to choose from; Lavender, Coconut Lime, Peppermint Eucalyptus, and Vanilla. Transform and excite your bedroom intimacy with spa-quality oils that will delight your partner during a full body erotic massage. They leave skin feeling smooth and refreshed, relieve stress and tension, and turn an ordinary massage into a memorable one. Try Promescent Massage Oils for $14.95 with free shipping and a 60-day unconditional money back guarantee. Grab all your sexual wellness essentials, with free and discreet shipping at



Be a smooth operator with a massage oil from Bondara. Offering a full range of aphrodisiac massage products, get closer to your partner with Bondara’s hand-picked selection of oils, 2-in-1 lubricants, and massage candles.

As your fingers glide across your partner’s body and work their aching muscles, feel their body react, respond and relax to your touch. For a sensual and intimate experience, focus on erogenous zones such as the lower back, feet, and thighs.

Give your romantic evening a very happy ending with erotic massage oils from Bondara.


Slube logo

Slip, slide and slather your partner in the silky-smooth sensations of Slube! Immerse yourself into an explosion of fragrance and colour with their Cocktail Editions, indulge in a pool of luxurious lubricant with Pure, or take a wild ride with the hardcore Black Leather version!

Simply sprinkle the powder into the bathtub, mix with your hand and get ready to enjoy your bathtub full of coloured, scented body lubricant! Mix in smaller quantities for massage, sexy wrestling or simply chilling out! (And remember to check out their new bottled Water-based Lube too!)

Erica Suarez-Hillingdon

Tantra Massage & Couples Therapy Expert

Erica Suarez-Hillingdon

Erica is the Editor of Karma Tantric Magazine and expert in all things Tantra & Tantric Massage. She specialises in helping men, women and couples unleash their sexual potential through her tantra teachings. | Read More