How To Have Male Multiple Orgasms Without Ejaculating
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How To Have Male Multiple Orgasms Without Ejaculating

Tantra guru, Gabriel Isadora (son of Psalm Isadora) shares his expert knowledge on how to have multiple male orgasms without ejaculation.

Step by step guide on how to achieve non-ejaculatory full body orgasms

How many of you would like to know what the human male body is truly capable of? I’m talking about the ability to produce multiple orgasms FOR MEN. Can men have multiple orgasms? YES they can so continue with me here as I dive deeper into this subject and disclose the truth.

What does it feel like to have multiple orgasms as a man?

It’s awesome! I can remember the first time It happened to me I experienced an array of sensations and thoughts. Particularly, I noticed just after inducing any of these magical joyrides there was this feeling that would overwhelm me with tingles and magnified joy. It would normally continue to reach a peak (generally 15±30 seconds on average). Once that peak was reached it would then claspe me like the first time I ever masterbated.

The different types of male orgasms

How many different ways can men apex? From a selection of penile, perineum, anal orgasms and many more I think it’s safe to say there are many various options to keep the sex life from going STERIL. Also, not only can men have multiple orgasms but they can possibly have non ejaculatory orgasms as well!

  • Type 1 Penile orgasms – The most traditional type of ejaculatory orgasms (EO) for heteresexual men to attain. Kinematically speaking there have been reports of 4-8 different pelvic muscles contracted during penile orgasms. Typically, it begins with rubbing of the shaft and tip of the penis. If handled right a voluntary ejaculation of semen will follow concluding the process.
  • Type 2 Perineum Orgasms – It all begins with the perineum which lies between the genitals and the anus. It happens to contain muscles that help contract the genitals and flex the scrotum often referred to as kegels exercises. They can be performed multiple times in a row as non ejacualtion orgasms (NEO).
  • Type 3 Anal Orgasms – Thought to be more intense than traditional penile orgasms. These have been recorded to contract up to 12 different muscles during a given peak. If done properly you can achieve a WET ORGASM (EO).

Benefits of NEOs

  • Benefit 1 – How many times have you wiped LOVE SAUCE that’s excreted in places uninvited? Thank god men can produce NEO’s which allow the same kind of fun and similar results without the cleaning disasters that come with traditional EO’s making them a convenient means to get off without having to GET OFF the gunk.
  • Benefit 2 – Ever notice after you ejaculate all of a sudden you tend to become tired? Fortunately, NEO’s allow you to experience the same kind of pleasure as EO’s but you get to retain your vigor as well. Finally, you get to have choices and no longer have to make a sacrifice for pleasure.
  • Benefit 3 – Wish there was a way to produce the same results as viagra without taking the drug? Well don’t worry because with NEO’s you can get the same or similar increases in sexual arousal without having to be concerned about the 4 hour rule ; )

How tantra can help you achieve male multiple orgasms

When men are aware of their sexuality they’re more likely to experience frequent voluntarily multiple orgasms. This means understanding the physiology behind sexuality. Educating them on the chakras (nervous complexus) that are connected to their spinal cords. Grasping how the kundalini (spinal cord) plays a key role in their orgasmic functions will show them how to be free from futile orgasms. Knowing which specific chakras affect the organs that create erotic awareness. These are all factors pertaining to the foundations of tantra. If practiced and studied they can eliminate any issues revolving around sex.

How to have multiple orgasms for men

We’ve spent a lot of time going over what multiple male orgasms are. This article has explained how they work. Get ready to learn something new and extraordinary because for the very first time on Karma Tantric I will be teaching you a variety of numerous METHODS on how to achieve them in a STEP BY STEP guide format.

Quadricep Method:


Wear Appropriate attire

1. Wear appropriate attire

This could be anything between loose fitting yoga clothing to fitness compression shirts, shorts, or pants. The reason being because if you cannot comfortably put your body into the correct posture for the exercise without unnecessary resistance than you’ll be unable to perform it.

Find a Flat Wall

2. Find a flat wall

I know this sounds strange and odd but then again so is the concept of men having multiple orgasms so bear with me and let me explain. The wall is necessary as you will need something to hold yourself up against.

Line your back up against a flat wall

3. Line Your Back Against The Wall

Line your back up against the wall so the front of your body is facing the opposite side of the wall. This is important because if you don’t follow these simple steps then you will be doing a completely different exercise and will not achieve the results as desired.

Let your back slide down against the wall

4. Let your back slide down against the wall

Let your back slide down against the wall while walking your legs out. Make sure your hips and knees end up flexed at a 90° angle. From a side view it should look like you are sitting in an invisible chair. Also, keep the knees past the heels but before the toes.

Push your lower spine into the wall

5. Push your lower spine into the wall

If you’re a visual person then maybe it helps to imagine that there is a string attached to your lower back and it’s being pulled straight back into the wall. While doing so keep your arms to your sides and against the wall. Palms should be facing away from the wall.

Hold position for 3 minutes

6. Hold this position for at least 3 minutes

I understand some of us haven’t hit the gym in awhile so keep in mind that this process may not only burn but probably will be challenging to hold for the specified time allotted. However, I assure you it’s worth every second to say the least. Now the reason to hold it for 3 minutes is to ensure you get your well earned and deserved O’s. If you choose to hold it for less time you may run the risk of a hollow orgasm(s) or even worse, none at all.

Slide back up the wall

7. Slide back up the wall

When you are finished go ahead and slide back up the wall using either your legs, arms, or both. Begin to walk around in a short circle or up and down a single self designated lane. Do this for a minute or two. You should have felt all the wondrous effects described earlier in the “What does it feel like to have multiple orgasms as a man section”. You may repeat steps 2-7 back to back as many times as you like.

Daily routine:

Practice this method during a single session 2-3 times for as long as can be held amid each set with 2 minute rests between sets for untrained individuals. Athletic individuals can push sets to 4-8 times between rests.


If it’s difficult holding the sets for 3 minutes I’ve created a simple training plan that will help you get stronger to reach the 3 minute mark. The plan allows the user to perform the exercise more frequently and increases orgasm intensity since the orgasm is amplified by the amount of time it can be held. You don’t have to stop at 3 minutes either… You can continue to use this plan and repeat the process as long as you’d like to reach an even bigger max hold time for more intense orgasms.

Here is a chart below to follow:


Male multiple orgasm training chart quadricep method

(click image to enlarge)

Main Scheme: The total schemes within a training plan.

Scheme: The total sessions with similar session characteristics for a group of days.

Day: There are 3 days to each scheme. The first will always contain more session type A than type B sessions and Type A sessions always come before type B sessions. The second will always have more type B sessions than type A sessions (if any) and Type B sessions always come first before any Type A. The third is a recovery day where you heal from the training so keep exercising minimum to none. You may enjoy a light swim, jog, or yoga class.

Session Type A/B: Type A sessions have less sets for longer hold times per set and Type B sessions have more sets for less hold times per set.

%MH: This is a percentage of the current max hold time you have for this particular main scheme.

Example: If your current max hold time is 2 minutes then multiply 120 seconds x 0.75 = 90 seconds for Scheme 1/Session Type A.

Session max hold times (%MH) should always be re-evaluated when beginning a new main scheme. Each scheme will have different %MH for sessions Type A and B except for schemes 1 and 5.

Sets: The duration of the exercises when performing them.

Sessions: Most days contain more than one session. The session is the composition of the warm-up, exercises, and cool down.

Total Sessions Per Day: Most days incorporate some mix of both Type A and Type B sessions. This column represents the amount of sessions to perform on a specific day. Arrange the sessions to work within your schedule.

Here is another chart demonstrating the session composition format:

Session Sequence Time/Min
Warm Up
Squats 1
Lunges 1
Dynamic Downward Dog 1
Dynamic Hamstring Walk 1
Dynamic Pigeon Walk 1
Dynamic Anterior Tibialis Pulls 1
Passive Recovery
Rest 2
Quadricep Method ?
Rest ?
Cool Down 1
Walk 2
Cool Down 2
Static Downward Dog 1
Static Pigeon 1
Static Toe Reach 1

Warm-up: 2 mins in length. Start with squats and lunges.

Stretch: Moving and alternating sides of the stretches (Dynamic).

Passive Recovery: Take 2 minutes for the body to recover from the warm-up

Quadricep Method: Isometric quadriceps exercise.

Rest: It is important to allow your body to recover in between exercise sets when working muscle. If the sets are <80% of your max hold then they can be 30-60 seconds in length. If the sets reach ≥80% of Max hold times than increase the rests to 2 mins each.

∫: This sign is used here to indicate that there is no solid answer to how many sets of wall sits and rest there are because it goes according to which day and scheme your on. Just assess what your max hold time (%MH) is and plug it into the training chart to find out how many sets to perform.

Cool Down 1: Walk for 2 mins.

Cool Down 2: Static stretches fixed with no movement.


  1. Eat at least 1 x your current body weight in carbs (grams) 1 Hour before you exercise for energy.
  2. Eat 30-60g carbohydrates after 30 mins of exercise and continuously every 30mins after. An easy way to achieve this would be to consume energy gels or gummy candies.
  3. Get a massage if muscles begin to hurt extensively to speed up recovery.

Stroke Method:


Find quiet place for male multiple orgasm

1. Find Someplace Quiet

This matters because it helps to be able to focus on the sensation without any external interference allowing it to occur quicker and easier.

Make sure you're naked

2. Make Sure You’re Naked

Make sure you’re naked. This method works best unclothed as clothing can cause restriction and be uncomfortable ruining the sensual experience.

identify pereneum region

3. Identify the perineum region

You or a friend identify the perineum region. It can often be described as a triangle-shaped area between your pelvis.

stroking perineum region

4. Begin stroking the perineum region

Begin stroking the perineum region by sliding the fingers back and forth or in a circular motion.

Continue to repeat this step 4 until the desired orgasm(s) have been achieved.


Masochism may be enjoyed during this method and also may be used to induce an orgasmic response faster.


While your partner is stroking you have them bite you. Don’t burger chomp the whole body but more of a small pinch on the outside of the lower lip. There should be a feeling of excitement like a rush and if done right and depending on if you enjoy pain then this may induce an orgasm for you.


This dracula trick works better if you have a cut or split on your lip say from dry weather or other means.


Have your partner bite down on the split part of your lip. Once opened have them lick in between the crease of the split while pleasuring another part of your genitalia.


You may want to shave the Perineum region to enhance the sympathetic reaction to the external stimulation applied allowing greater nerve endings to be triggered causing a better orgasm overall.

Nipple Method:


take off upper clothing

1. Take off all upper clothing.

2. Search for what type of sensation he likes the most. This will mean trying out a little bit of everything from licking and sucking to pinching and pulling. It’s all fair game until informed otherwise.

nipplegasm for multiple male orgasm

3. Once you’ve discovered what he seems to like most begin to zero in and keep nailing away at it until he experiences a nipplegasm!

4. You may continue to try and induce more nipplegasms as they’re usually non-ejaculatory and multiple compatible or move on to something else more invigorating. Life is your oyster!

Daily practice:

If this is something you and your partner begin to fancy then I suggest the pectoral region be shaved as any pinching and pulling of hair or licking and sucking of any undesirable man fur may potentially hurt the man beyond sexual stimulation or worse, ruin the sexual affair by possibly swallowing or hacking up a hairball.


  1. It may be warranted to clip the nip if the gentlemen enjoys pinching and pulling there. You can even add a small weight of some sort to let gravity have a turn while getting to work on the other one with the lips or something else.
  2. If you or your partner really enjoy tugging sensations then nipple piercing may add some extra fun to your arsenal of intimate wonder. Many techniques can be learned and augmented into your current sexual practice offering LOADS of fun for a pretty affordable price. Also, it appears from multiple reports that piercing the nipples can enhance nipple sensitivity for those who claim that regular nipple play simply isn’t enough stimulation for them so keep that in mind for the future if standard nipple frolic simply doesn’t cut it for you or your partner and maybe you’re both ready for an interesting and exciting new experience. When in rome!

Consider Using A Tantra Specialist

Tantra can help you with your sex life and many other aspects of your life. I know here at Karma Tantric you’ll be getting professional service from exceptional instructors who would LOVE to guide you through your TANTRIC journey so don’t hesitate because you won’t want to possibly waste another tantric orgasm or sensual moment and give Karma Tantric a call today at +44 (0) 207 898 3212 to book your personal Tantra Expert.

Gabriel Isadora

Tantra Expert

Gabriel Valdez Isadora is the owner of PSALM ISADORA and creator of TANTRA FIT. As an inspired and revolutionary leader in the masculine sexual empowerment and tantra movement, Gabriel has helped hundreds of men achieve multiple orgasms and activate they’re sexual energy by educating them on ancient tantric sciences and | Read More