The Ultimate Prostate Massage Guide - How To Give One
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The Ultimate Prostate Massage Guide (infographic)

In this guide, you will discover how to safely give or receive mind-blowing prostate massages.

I often receive emails from readers who are interested in trying prostate massage but are perhaps a little apprehensive or unsure about what it is and how to do it. Many people are unaware of the amazing benefits of this massage, so to answer all your questions we’ve put together an ultimate prostate massage guide that nicely illustrates exactly what a prostate is, where to find it, what the health benefits of prostate massage are and how to produce some of the most mind-blowing orgasms.

What is the prostate?

It’s a gland (roughly the size of a walnut) responsible for producing prostatic fluid, which makes up part of the semen. The prostate is located internally in males, a few inches inside of the anus. During orgasm, the prostate plays a role in forcefully propelling ejaculation through the urethra.

Understanding the prostate

  • The prostate is a walnut-sized gland, located inside of the male anus.
  • It produces prostatic fluid, a component of semen.
  • The prostate forcefully propels ejaculate through the urethra during ejaculation.

What is prostate massage therapy?

Simply put, it’s the act of massaging the prostate for reasons ranging from medical benefits to sexual health to pure pleasure.

Did You Know?: “It’s possible to have an orgasm from prostate massage alone — meaning without any stimulation of the penis.”

What are the benefits of prostate massage?

  1. Prostate massage can work like an oil change for the ejaculatory system.
  2. More powerful orgasms.
  3. Increased blood flow and health benefits, including possible treatment of chronic prostatitis (enlarged prostate or inflammation of the prostate).

What does a prostate orgasm feel like?

People often describe an orgasm from penis stimulation as more genitally focused, while an orgasm including prostate stimulation is a more full-body experience. This is very similar to how women describe the difference between a clitoral and g-spot orgasm.

How do you prepare for a prostate massage?

Prepare for a prostate massage similar to any other sexual activity. Attend to basic hygiene and have all your supplies, like lube and sex toys, within easy reach.

Here’s how to prepare if you’re the one receiving the prostate massage:

While people are often very concerned about cleanliness before anal play or anal sex, getting ready to receive a prostate massage (on your own or with a partner) is very simple. There’s no need for an enema or other invasive cleaning. In fact, you’re better off avoiding these methods. The nozzle of an enema can irritate sensitive tissues and an enema can also upset the intestines, leaving you feeling less than sexy.

Take a shower

Simply take a shower as you normally would, paying extra attention to the external anal area. Use a gentle, body-friendly soap and your bare hand to make sure this area is clean. If you want to go the extra mile, you can insert your index finger just up to the first knuckle into the anus for a little swirl, to make sure things are pristine. Minding hygiene isn’t just for the obvious reasons, but if you can be secure in the feeling that your body is prepared, it’s easier to relax. And relaxation is key when receiving a prostate massage.

Set the mood

To help you relax, make sure you set the mood in your space. Dim the lights and remove possible distractions, like your phone. Maybe even light a scented candle or two.

Spend time relaxing

Try some mindfulness or breathing techniques that will help centre you in your body. We carry a lot of tension around all day, and a surprising amount of it settles in our pelvic floor and in the muscles around the sphincter that will need to be relaxed in order to receive penetration.

Here’s how to prepare if you’re the one giving the prostate massage:

Set the right tone

Setting the tone is just as important as the physical touch. People receiving prostate massage, especially for the first time, are likely going to be nervous. The best thing you can do is to speak calmly and with confidence so the other person feels good about being in your hands — literally.

Prepare for some mess

While the other person will have done their best to prepare, playing with butts can sometimes mean dealing with a small mess. Be ready with some wet wipes as well as laying down a dark towel on the bed or table where the massage will take place.

Use gloves

Gloves are a great idea for prostate massage. Not only do they help with cleaning up, but they help smooth the edges of fingernails. With the tissue of the rectum being so sensitive, having only smooth surfaces come in contact with them is a big help. If you’ve got long fingernails, you can even pad the tips of the gloves with a little bit of cotton.

Did You Know?: “Prostate massage is the road to multiple orgasms.”

How do you massage your own prostate?

While it might feel awkward your first time, it’s an easy skill to learn. And it’s helpful to become familiar with your own body before having your prostate massaged by a partner because you’ll be better able to communicate what works for you. Follow these six steps:

1. Get comfortable

Throw down a towel and get comfortable on your bed. While many positions are possible, laying on your back with your knees bent is a good way to start.

2. Get used to exploring your anal area

Either with clean hands and trimmed nails or wearing gloves, begin to explore your body. Be sure to use LOTS of lube for anal stimulation. Take your time with external massage, there are a lot of nerve endings here and going slow will help with relaxation and arousal. Pressing on the perineum (the area between your testicles and anus) can provide some prostate stimulation from the outside of your body.

3. Start with penetration — slowly

Just tip your index finger into your anus and pause. Let your body get used to the sensation and let your sphincter relax around the stretch. If there’s any pain with penetration, back off and go even slower, or add more lube.

4. Looking for your prostate

You’ll probably need to insert your index finger most of the way, as the prostate tends to be 2-3 inches along the inside of the rectum. All bodies are different so you’ll need to find what’s true for you. The prostate is on the anterior side of your body, meaning up towards your belly. You may feel a walnut-sized bump pressing back against your finger, or may simply experience it as a more pleasurable area. It’s important to note that not everyone’s prostate is noticeable when not aroused.

5. Discover what feels good for you

Begin by simply pressing against the prostate gently and seeing how it feels. Experiment with circular strokes and different levels of pressure.

6. Combine prostate massage with penile stimulation

While it is possible to have an orgasm from prostate massage alone, this may take some practice. For now, try combining prostate massage with whatever ways you usually touch yourself. At the time of orgasm, you’ll feel your prostate swell and contract, and if you’re providing additional pressure at the same time it’s likely to cause a more intense orgasm.

How do you perform a prostate massage on someone else?

While the steps are largely similar to those above, you’ve got different angles to work with and will need to focus on communication. Here are six steps to follow to give a prostate massage:

1. Have your partner lay on a towel while you glove up

Find a good position for both of you. Having your partner on their back with knees up while you sit between their legs is a good way to start.

2. Begin with slow touch

Stroke the thighs and stomach to help your partner relax. If you’re going to be providing penis stimulation at the same time, start with that. Arousal will help both penetration and prostate stimulation feel even better.

3. Ask if your partner is ready for penetration

If so, get your fingers and their anal area well lubricated. Begin with just the tip of one finger and, once you’re in up to the first knuckle, pause and check in. If they’re ready for more, insert your finger another inch and pause again. Each time you pause, you’re giving their body time to get used to what’s happening. If there’s any pain, slow down or back up to the previous step.

4. Find the prostate

Once you have one or two fingers inserted into the rectum 2-3 inches deep, you can begin to look for the prostate. Gently press upwards towards the anterior wall until you feel something the size of a walnut or until your partner lets you know you’re in the right spot. It should be pleasurable for them.

5. Begin the massage

You may have heard this described as the “come hither” motion with the fingers, but that’s usually too aggressive. Start with very small moments, both upward pressure and small circles, and see what works. You’re going to need to check in with your partner each time you try something to see how it feels for them. Be ready to ask questions like “harder or softer?” to fine-tune what works.

6. Combine penis and prostate stimulation

If you’re aiming for an orgasm, you’ll likely want to combine both penis and prostate stimulation. As arousal increases, you may be able to use additional pressure on the prostate.

What about prostate massagers?

  • Using a toy to reach the prostate can be a great help, especially when exploring your own body, as they provide additional reach and leverage.
  • Find a toy specifically designed for prostate massage. You’re looking for something that is on the smaller side and has a curve that will fit the shape of your body.
  • The toy should also be very smooth and have some kind of flared base so it can’t get lost in your body. A toy that can be used hands-free is also a nice option.
  • Toys are also a great option for exploring prostate play with a partner who is a little nervous about the idea. You can insert the toy yourself and they can play with it, or you can leave it in hands-free for extra stimulation during sex.

Did You Know?: Because the prostate can provide so much sexual pleasure, it’s sometimes referred to as “the male g-spot.”

Where can you get a prostate massage?

Sometimes the best place to start is by bringing in a professional tantric masseuse. There’s a lot to know when it comes to anatomy and touch techniques, so why not work with someone who has specialised training in prostate massage? At Karma Tantric, we’re happy to help arrange this for you.

We’ve put together an infographic below to help you understand prostate massage and to guide you through this truly amazing experience. Please share this infographic if you love it!

Prostate Massage Guide

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Prostate Massage Guide – Infographic Text

The male G-Spot is located in the prostate gland and in tantric philosophy, is considered to be the man’s emotional sex centre. Massaging the prostate, also called prostate milking, has several health benefits and the sensation can lead to the most pleasurable climax a man can have.


A walnut-sized gland that is part of the male reproductive system.


It helps produce and carry sperm from the testicles.


Situated 2-3 inches into the back passage. You will know it when you feel it.

Did You Know?: “In a recent survey, 70% of straight men said they would consider an erotic prostate massage.”

Demystifying Prostate Massage

Myth: It is only for gay men. The truth: Absolutely not. All men enjoy prostate massage, with over 70% of straight men confessing to trying or considering one. Myth: Prostate orgasms aren’t as good as penile orgasms. The truth: Surveys have demonstrated that a prostate orgasm is around 33% stronger than penile orgasms. Myth: Female partners do not want to do it. The truth: Rubbish. 80% of women would give their partner a prostate massage.

Did You Know?: The female equivalent to the male prostate is the Skene’s gland or the female prostate and also expels fluid during orgasm, responsible for the “female ejaculation”.

4 Benefits of Prostate Massage

1. Reduces risk of prostate cancer

Medical research has demonstrated that regular ejaculation and sexual activity reduces the risk of prostate cancer.

2. Prevents bladder infections

Prostate massage helps to improve urine and blood flow to the pelvic region, increasing the amount of oxygen and nutrients to the prostate.

3. Stronger erections

By stimulating the prostate region, the prostatic duct can be cleared and blood flow is increased to help achieve an erection – helpful for anyone experiencing erectile dysfunction.

4. More intense orgasms

Surveys have demonstrated a 33% increase in orgasm size and strength.

Did You Know?: “The prostate is responsible for the production of semen and helps carry the sperm.”

How to give a mind-blowing prostate massage

1. Warm up

Bathe or shower together then start with some foreplay or an erotic massage.

2. Lube up

Prevent uncomfortable friction and use lots of lube on your fingers or toys.

3. Find it

Insert finger and curl upwards about 2 -3 inches and find a firm and spongy surface the size of a walnut.

4. Get accustomed

At first, the feeling may be similar to needing to pee but relax and it will start to feel pleasurable.

5. Massage not thrust

Massage it in a “come here” motion, gently stroking until orgasm. Do not thrust.

Enjoy A Prostate Massage With A Professionally Trained Masseuse

At Karma Tantric, we offer specialist prostate massages in London conducted by professional trained tantric masseuses. If you are interested in booking a prostate massage, get in touch with our friendly booking team today – and they will be happy to assist you. Enjoy! Erica x

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  1. Jason_2609

    I’ve been hesitant when it comes to booking a Prostate massage in the past, but I have always been very curious, thankfully now I know about the health benefits seem equal to the pleasure aspect I will definitely be inquiring next time I book with Karma. Thank you so much ?

    • Kelly Karma

      It is absolutely normal to feeling hesitant towards something new and a topic that has so many myths and taboos however Prostate massage is amongst one of the most pleasurable sensual experiences you can have.

  2. LPP

    Really good knowledge for people who don’t know much, and gents don’t refuse a prostate until you try it!

  3. JamesThorne

    I can’t get over the prostate cancer and the bladder infection part. I don’t understand how this sort of information isn’t made more accessible to the general public. Everyone should know about this. Great job Erica for raising awareness!

    • Erica

      Yes Prostate stimulation has always been an area for health benefit however most online medical journals and information sources seem reluctant to publish the facts. Mainly because there is a sexual element to prostate stimulation but as this infographic shows, there is also a non sexual health angle to be considered. Thanks for your comment and interest James, email me if you would like any further information. E x

  4. robroy

    Hello Erica. Good read. I’ve never tried this before but have always been interested, great to see it has key health benefits Tx

  5. Big Al

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      Hi Al. If you would like to make a booking just give the Karma Team a call on 0207 898 3212 and they will be very pleased to arrange the perfect prostate massage for you. Thanks, E x

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  7. FFiona

    Hello, I am looking to spice things up a bit in my 14 year marriage and was wondering whether you provide lessons for this. I saw you do couples booking, can prostate be introduced during one of those sessions, and if so can I be shown what to do? Thank you in advance

    • Erica

      Hi Fiona, thanks for your comments. Yes prostate can be included in a couples tantric session. When you make the booking just mention you would like it to be part of your experience and that you would like to focus on learning exactly how to provide a prostate massage for your partner. Thanks and have a lovely day. E