Why Prostate Massage Can Be Good For Your Health
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Why Prostate Massage Is Actually Good For Your Health

Erica Suarez-Hillingdon shares her experience about the benefits of Prostate Massages.

The prostate is not something that immediately springs to mind as a place to start when considering health or wellbeing. However, massaging the prostate and generally stimulating it can do wonders for your health. That’s right, not only is this walnut-sized gland a nexus of pleasure, but the health benefits of prostate massage are innumerous.

But first, what exactly is the prostate?

What is the prostate?

The prostate gland is located internally, a few inches inside the anus of males, somewhere between the rectum and the testicles. Its main function is to produce prostate fluid, one of the two main components in semen. The muscles that surround the prostate area responsible for the forceful push of semen during ejaculation.

However, this little gland isn’t just a functional part of the male reproductive system. It’s also be an erogenous zone capable of delivering extreme pleasure. Through gentle prostate stimulation, e.g. when this little gland is touched, massaged, or ‘milked’, it can increase the intensity of orgasm immensely, creating sensations that are usually unachievable in any other way.

In other words, the prostate gland is the male G-spot.

Did You Know?: “Recent data from sex toy company, LELO, shows that when stimulated, the prostate magnifies orgasms by up to 33%!.”

Why does this little nugget tucked away inside your anus produce such sexual pleasure when massaged? Well, no one really knows. But what I know, is that prostate massage benefits last far longer than the orgasm itself.

So, let’s explore the benefits of anal massage, and we’ll also let you into the secrets of prostate induced orgasms, including our top tips to experience the ultimate sexual stimulation.

What is a prostate massage?

Prostate massage is a therapeutic technique that involves the gentle stimulation of the prostate gland. This is done by inserting a lubricated finger or sex toys, typically a prostate massager, gently into the anus in order to find and massage the prostate gland.

During a prostate massage, pressure is applied to the prostate gland, gently stimulating it, either by rubbing or through vibration. A prostate massage can be carried out by a trained healthcare professional, a partner, or even on your own.

While it’s considered by some as a taboo subject, this practice has been around for centuries and is believed to offer a range of advantages for men’s health, for example it can be an effective treatment for erectile dysfunction, urine flow or prostatitis.

However, most commonly it’s used for sexual pleasure, to produce prostate-only orgasms or more intense orgasms when combined with other sexual touching such as penis masturbation.

Let’s take a look at the health benefits of prostate massage in more depth.

6 benefits of prostate massage

When practiced for health reasons, there’s certainly a link between prostate play and wellbeing. There are a number of the health and therapeutic benefits of performing prostate massage – as well as the benefits to overall sexual wellness. These can include:

1. Increase the intensity of your orgasms

Many women describe how their orgasms come in waves that flow through the body and prostate massage can give the same sensation to men. A prostate orgasm is a full body orgasmic experience, hence why the area is regarded as the male g-spot erogenous zone contributing to male multiple orgasms.

2. Decrease risk of premature ejaculation

If you find you ejaculate early and have very little control over when you climax, prostate massage can help. Since massaging the prostate regularly can decrease prostate inflammation, it has been linked to reducing premature ejaculation. When you have an excess of semen, the pressure longs to be released. Prostate milking releases this tension, helping you to be less sexually excited. Additionally, regularly massaging the prostate can increase the strength of your PC muscles – the muscles located between your scrotum and rectum – giving you better control over your climax.

3. Helps with male impotence

The regular release of prostate fluid from the gland doesn’t just reduce cancer but helps in maintaining longer-lasting erections. When the prostate is inflamed or swollen, it makes healthy blood flow to the penis more difficult, resulting in cases of erectile dysfunction. This can be very frustrating for men, however, prostate massaging can help with this very sensitive issue.

4. Prostate massage can reduce cancer risk

According to The Sperling Prostate Center in New York, massaging your prostate can actually reduce your risk of developing prostate cancer – one of the more serious cancers that plague the male population.

5. Increase blood circulation

The gentle manipulation of the prostate can help improve blood circulation within the gland. Proper blood flow is essential for maintaining a healthy prostate and ensuring the efficient delivery of nutrients and oxygen. By enhancing circulation, prostate massage may contribute to the overall health and vitality of the male reproductive system.

6. Relieve symptoms of prostate inflammation

Finally, prostate massage is thought to be beneficial for relieving certain prostate-related issues. If you suffer with conditions such as chronic prostatitis – inflammation of the prostate, or benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) – enlarged prostate, you may find relief through this therapeutic technique. The gentle stimulation can help reduce inflammation and alleviate discomfort associated with these conditions.


How to perform a prostate massage

Performing a prostate massage, whether for therapeutic or pleasurable purposes, requires careful technique and attention to ensure a safe and comfortable experience.

Here’s my step-by-step guide on how to perform a prostate massage, either on yourself or on someone else:

  1. Preparation:
    • Begin by getting comfortable in a clean and private space where you can relax without interruptions.
    • Wash your hands thoroughly with soap and warm water to maintain hygiene.
  2. Trim nails:
    • Trim your nails to avoid any potential discomfort or injury during the massage.
  3. Choose a comfortable position:
    • Find a comfortable position that allows easy access to your prostate gland. Recommended positions include lying on your side with knees bent, or kneeling with your chest resting on a soft surface.
  4. Use lubrication:
    • Apply a generous amount of water-based lubricant to your finger(s) or the prostate massage device you plan to use.
    • Lubrication is crucial to ease insertion and minimise discomfort.
  5. External massage:
    • Start with an external massage by gently applying pressure to the perineum, the area between the scrotum and anus.
    • Use your fingers to apply firm but gentle pressure and explore the area for any sensitivity or discomfort.
  6. Internal massage:
    • If you feel comfortable and relaxed, you may proceed to internal massage.
    • Slowly and carefully insert your well-lubricated finger or the prostate massage device into the rectum.
    • The prostate gland is located a few inches inside the rectum, towards the front of the body.
  7. Locating the prostate gland:
    • The prostate gland feels like a small, round bump, similar to the size of a walnut.
    • Gently move your finger or the device in a “come here” motion, aiming to make contact with the prostate.
  8. Gentle stimulation:
    • Once you’ve located the prostate, apply gentle pressure and experiment with different movements to find what feels comfortable and pleasurable.
    • Some men may enjoy circular motions, while others prefer light tapping or massaging.
  9. Communicate and listen to your body:
    • Throughout the massage, communicate with your partner if applicable or pay close attention to your body’s response.
    • If you experience any pain, discomfort, or if something doesn’t feel right, stop immediately.
  10. Duration:
    • A prostate massage session can vary in duration. Some men may find a happy ending in just a few minutes, while others prefer a longer session.
    • Listen to your body and adjust the duration based on your comfort level.
  11. Aftercare:
    • After the massage, rest for a while to allow your body to recover and relax.
    • Cleanse yourself thoroughly and wash your hands again.

Risks associated with prostate massage

While prostate massage is safe when done correctly, rushing into it, not relaxing, or failing to use lube can result in injury. Additionally, anal penetration of any kind can worsen the symptoms of some rectal conditions.

Here are a couple of things to bear in mind:

  1. Infection: If proper hygiene practices are not followed, there’s a risk of introducing bacteria into the urinary tract or rectum during a prostate massage. This can lead to urinary tract infections or other infections in the pelvic region.
  2. Discomfort and pain: Improper technique or excessive pressure during a prostate massage can cause discomfort or pain. Make sure your prostatic massage is performed gently, whether using a finger or prostate massagers, and always listen to your body throughout the process to avoid any potential issues.
  3. Prostatitis aggravation: Prostatitis, which is inflammation of the prostate, can be worsened by aggressive or poorly performed prostate massage. If you’re concerned, seek guidance from a healthcare professional.
  4. Haemorrhoids or anal tears: Individuals with haemorrhoids or anal fissures should avoid prostate massage, as it can aggravate these conditions and cause bleeding or pain.
  5. Emotional discomfort: Prostate massage can be an intimate and sensitive practice. Some individuals may feel emotionally uncomfortable or anxious about the procedure, leading to stress or negative emotions.
  6. Professional misconduct: If you choose to have a prostate massage performed by a trained professional, make sure they have the appropriate qualifications and adhere to ethical practices. Unprofessional conduct or a lack of expertise can result in a negative experience.
  7. Allergic reactions: Some individuals may be sensitive or allergic to certain lubricants or materials used during the massage. It’s essential to use hypoallergenic products and be aware of any allergic reactions.

Our top tips for trying prostate massage on yourself

  • Be cautious: When it comes to anal touch, you don’t want to just jump right in and go sticking things in your anus, all willy-nilly. Your bum does not self-lubricate or naturally expand the way a vagina does. If you’re going to put something inside your anus, you need to prepare and proceed with caution. Above all, it should be a pleasurable experience.
  • Clean up: Be sure the area is clean and free of any faecal matter before you begin. You don’t need to do an enema if you don’t want to, but you can. It’s about what makes you feel comfortable.
  • Put a towel down: Avoid any messiness by simply placing a towel on top of any surface you’re using.
  • Use lots and lots of lube: Lube is your friend when it comes to anal play. Try silicone based lube as it maintains moisture much longer than water- and oil-based lubricants.
  • Massage the outside and then move inward: Start to awaken your anal nerve endings by using lube and your fingertips, making small circles to become aroused. When you’re feeling ready, begin to insert your finger(s) very slowly, moving in the direction of your stomach searching for the prostate. You can also use a prostate massager – a toy designed for this kind of anal stimulation. Look for a beginner’s prostate massager if you are new to this.

Where can I get a prostate massage in London? 

If you’re looking to experience a prostate massage, consider talking with your partner to see if it’s something they would like to participate in. Remember, you can always try it on your own, but, be sure you take things slowly, do a lot of prep work to relax the anus, and allow yourself to let go into the sensation.

If you’re looking to explore prostate massage and want to have one performed by a true professional who knows exactly what they’re doing, you book with a reputable erotic massage agency online. That way you can be in the safe hands of someone who really understands how to give a prostate massage for your maximum pleasure.

Whichever path you take forward, I hope my article has given you an insight into prostate massage and its benefits.


Erica Suarez-Hillingdon

Tantra Massage & Couples Therapy Expert

Erica is the Editor of Karma Tantric Magazine and expert in all things Tantra & Tantric Massage. She specialises in helping men, women and couples unleash their sexual potential through her tantra teachings. | Read More