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The Best Sex Blogs For Kinky, Taboo & Sex-Positive Content

Erica Suarez-Hillingdon shares her top recommendations for sex-positive blogs that explore taboo topics, kinks and much, much more.

The internet is full of sex, in all of its different forms. But some content creators are head and shoulders above the rest when it comes to providing sex-positive spaces for readers to explore and enjoy all there is to know about sex, love-making, f***ing or whatever else you want to call it. Whether you’re here to satisfy your curiosity, learn how to enhance your sex life or be entertained, you’ll find all the best avenues for doing just that below. Dive in and enjoy!


Kinky logo

Kinkly was founded in 2012 by Tara Struyk and Nicole Janssen as a way to put taboo topics around sex on the table, opening up conversations in an educational, non-judgmental and fun way.

Their mission is to promote comfort around talking about sex, by creating content that teaches you new things, answers your questions and helps you explore and discover what you take pleasure in. Their content openly targets people of all sexual orientations, genders and levels of experiences. And their sex content promotes the pursuit of pleasure in fun, healthy, safe and consensual ways.

They’ve pulled together the largest dictionary of sex terms available online (there are over 3000 definitions on there!). Their content ranges from talking about kink, sex positions and sex toys to sexual health and body image. They feature content from different sex specialists, including therapists, educators and sexual health writers.


bellesa logo

Bellesa is on a mission to inspire women to celebrate, embrace and explore their sexuality – taking charge of their own pleasure.

Bellesa’s members have access to erotic stories, free porn videos and articles that explore sexual health on the Collective.

Bellesa envisages their erotica collection to be more than just a library for smut. Instead, it’s a thoughtfully curated place for readers and writers to discover their fantasies and explore their sexuality in an inclusive, empowering and safe space.

Bad Girls Bible

Bad girls bible logo

Bad Girls Bible seeks to change the way we think about sex. They tackle misinformation and prevalent myths surrounding sex to help bring you proven, expert advice on how to experience great sex and more sexual pleasure.

The Bad Girls Bible is the guide you need to follow to know how to achieve more orgasms, give the best blowjobs, sexually satisfy your partner in bed and more.

They work hard to make their content fun and appealing, as well as informative, to help people transform their relationships and sex lives. The Bad Girls Bible is beautifully illustrated to ensure pleasure at every turn.

Girl on the Net

girl on the net logo

Based in London, Girl on the Net is written by a sex blogger who writes sex stories. Readers of her blog can expect posts about feminism, mental health, sexual fetishes, porn and real-life sex stories. Girl on the Net began in 2011 and is now one of the UK’s biggest sex blogs.

Girl on the Net also publishes guest posts from other sex bloggers, commissions sex-based art and produces audio porn to bring sexy stories to people with visual impairments.

Her primary purpose is to challenge the stigmas surrounding sex. She believes sex, masturbation and watching porn – if it’s ethical, and you’ve paid for it – isn’t shameful. logo aims to educate anyone, of all ages about sex – and they promise to make it fun. Anyone looking to explore their desires, deepest fantasies or kinks, will find a sex-positive place focused on how to enhance intimate relationships and sex. Their content delves into anything from dating sites to sex toys and tips to becoming a better lover.

They feature content from across the sex industry, including sexpert writers, who provide advice on how to have more fulfilling love lives, more satisfying sex and mindblowing orgasms.

Expect to be entertained, educated and to laugh out loud reading their blog.

Pleasure For Health

pleasure for health logo

Pleasure Ripples Blog by Ailsa Keppie: informative musings on sex, intimacy and relationships from a Somatic perspective. The blog reflects her personal and professional experiences as a cis-gendered woman working as a Somatic Sex Educator with individuals and groups.

Spices of Lust

spices of lust logo

Spices of Lust is a blog created by Leja and Luka, a couple in their 20s. Initially, Spices of Lust was supposed to be a place to share our journey exploring sexuality, but it evolved to be so much more. Both of them enjoy crafting content related to sex and that is why, their blog is home to many guides, ideas, sex toy reviews, and occasional erotic stories. When they are not taking pictures of dildos or writing about floggers, Luka enjoys cooking and Leja enjoys eating. Find them online @spicesoflust.

August McLaughlin

August McLaughlin award winning sex blog

On journalist August McLaughlin‘s award-winning blog, she shares lightly-edited transcripts of her narrated sex podcast, Girl Boner Radio. Driven by true stories and featuring a range of voices, the show aims to help you arouse your life, in and outside of the bedroom. Listen or read episodes and occasional extras on her blog and subscribe to the show on your favorite podcast app. August’s blog and her whole Girl Boner brand are LGBTQIA+ friendly, and all genders are welcome!

The Secret Submissive

The Secret Submissive blog logo

Shall we start with light paddle spankings & sensory deprivation, with tender kisses and trembling orgasms, or tight bondage, a firm spanking and raw, rough animalistic sex? Don’t worry, The Secret Submissive – British Indian author of honest & immersive BDSM erotica – won’t make you choose.

Immerse yourself in the true beauty of the Dom/ Sub dynamic as you journey into the daunting yet alluring world of BDSM. Covering a range of hard & soft kinks, each tale is carefully crafted to tease, please & satisfy you completely. Keep your safe-word on standby & get ready to experience pleasure like never before.

Kinky World

Kinky World - sexual and kinky blog

Mistress Kay has a fondness for all things sexual and kinky. Kinky World is the culmination of all of that time and knowledge with helpful, inclusive articles about sex toys and kink that help people improve their sex lives – and have a better time too!

After growing up as a confused Domme in a sea of male-dom-focused kink education, Kinky World provides a refreshing focus on female dominant topics.

Whether you’re looking for sex toy reviews, step-by-step outlines for your next kink scene, cool ways to incorporate toys into your next scene, or kink or femdom advice, Mistress Kay at Kinky World is there to help.

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