3 Authentic Tantra Massage Techniques You Should Know
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3 Authentic Tantra Massage Techniques You Should Know About

Part 1 of Erica's study into authentic tantra and the roots of this magical practice.

Tantra is such a vast subject, whilst doing research for blogs and questions I often get lost in awe trawling through the knowledge available online. Tantra has many different roots and each persons understanding of tantra varies from one person to another. Its an ideology and way of life, and it’s important that we understand how erotic massage has been influenced by these principles. If modern tantric massage is just a small element of what tantra really is, what else is there to discover when we delve deeper?…

Originating in India around the 5th Century, Tantra has key influences in both Buddhist and Hindu religions. It was originally practised as a path to enlightenment through sensual energy called Prana. This is very powerful and when circulated around the body leads to a positive, energised state. There are 3 major elements that are crucial to an authentic tantric massage, there are many more rituals and beliefs and my part 2 blog will follow next week with a further insight to an original tantra massage.

  1. Tantra Meditation and Breathing

    Tantra is the backbone to erotic massage, utilising the authentic meditative techniques to create a deeper connection between the two partners involved. The importance of breathing is overlooked on a regular basis, simply becoming more aware of how you breathe and incorporating certain techniques help with relaxation and focus.

    Breath can change, from deep relaxed breathing to short and sharp. Both styles are utilised within tantra as they engage different parts of the sexual stimuli and awaken a different reaction within the body. Practising a calm meditation with a breathing ritual at the start of your tantric massage is not only a beautiful way to start, but the breathing in unity allows the bodies to profoundly bond and continue on a path of discovery.

  2. Balancing The Chakras

    There are 7 energy centers within the body called chakras, starting at the base of your spine and working upwards in a straight line with the 7th being external from the physical body and transpiring to the crown of the head. It is thought that ailments and illnesses are caused by blockages within these energy centers. The body is constantly working, the heart is beating, fluids are circulating and muscles are moving. Keeping these chakras aligned and open allows the energy to flow and is essential for a balanced and healthy body and mind.

    The chakra points are all linked to major organs and nerves, alongside our physical emotional and spiritual states. Think of these chakra points as the point where physical matter and spirituality combine. When experiencing an Authentic tantra massage, your tantrica will be able to balance and unblock your chakras with specialist healing techniques.

  3. Intentional Awareness

    Being aware of your intentions before beginning a session gives both a goal and direction. Whether it be connection with another person, exploring pleasure or healing emotional wounds, channeling the energy in the right direction is vital. When experiencing a holistic massage, your preferred intentions are made clear to the masseuse so why not within tantric massage too? Exploring the “intention” allows a deep rooted honesty to come to light, it addresses different aspects of desires as well as needs.

To Conclude

The erotic massage experiences we can all enjoy today are all losely based on theses rituals performed to gain enlightenment and spiritual insight. Although they have been westernised to suit our culture, they can still be a wonderful way to relax and be at one with your physical emotional and spiritual self. Some ladies live by these principles and are constantly extending their knowledge to incorporate the authentic essence of tantra.

If you would like an authentic style tantric massage, Karma have a range of exclusive masseuses providing these exciting and life changing experiences. I myself have a real passion for tantra and would highly recommend trying this style at least once as it can lead to a real path of self discovery and understanding. It helped me to explore my sexuality and heal emotional scars I had been carrying, please don’t hesitate to contact me directly if you have any further questions about this subject 🙂

Erica x

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  1. praana

    I am literally obsessed with anything to do with chakras and energy healing – HOW DID I NOT KNOW ABOUT THIS? This blog is fab! Erica you are a god sent.

  2. Derek_J

    Good article and spot on. I have actually seen both Heidi and Ellie, I really enjoy this style of massage. Great for stressful days as it helps to clear your mind and allow relaxation. Would definitely recommend Tx

  3. Ethanymail

    Wow this sounds like it takes the tantric massage that I know to the next level!! Can’t wait to try these techniques

  4. Vishal11

    Very enlightening blog, I particularly enjoyed the section on breathing techniques as I regularly practise mindful meditation and feel this would compliment Authentic Tantra marvellously! Well done Erica