How Tantric Massage Improves Your Confidence

How tantric massage can help you become a more confident lover

Erica looks into how confidence can be improved through tantric sessions

Having confidence is invaluable, whether it is asking your boss for that pay rise you deserve or inviting someone on a date. If you’re confident in other areas of your life that will spill over into the bedroom too. Tantric massages can help build that confidence to levels you didn’t think possible.

However, even the most self-assured among us can sometimes suffer an attack of nerves at the crucial moment, which in itself, can have a negative and confidence-draining effect. In the bedroom this can adversely affect performance, create anxiety and at its worst, make you avoid love making all together.

It is generally well accepted that women worry about their bodies and what their partner thinks about them but equally men also feel uncertain, often agonising over their performance and their physical appearance. Not only are they troubled about whether their sexual prowess is up to scratch but they also worry about finishing too early or not being able to start at all. Tantric massage is a wonderful way to increase your confidence levels when it comes to intimate relationships and in turn, boost your self worth in your life too.

So let’s look at some of the benefits of tantric massage therapy…

Helps Premature Ejaculation Issues

It’s difficult to say what the prevalence of premature ejaculation is because of changing definitions though the European Association of Urology puts it at 20-30%. It is however, a common worry for men which can escalate and place strain on a sexual relationship.

Tantric Massage is a special, ancient form of massage, which encourages the mind and body to relax. It shifts the focus from pleasure in the sexual organs to pleasure in the entire body and helps you to retrain your mind to respond to sexual stimulation less quickly and less intensely, helping you to last longer.

Special techniques called Lingam Strokes, are used on the man’s penis to slowly build sensation and sexual energy in the whole body. Relaxation techniques help you to recognise your point of climax and learn to control it.

Addresses Performance Anxiety and Erectile Dysfunction

Performance anxiety often goes hand in hand with premature ejaculation. If you’re worried about coming too soon it can make you fearful of lovemaking which, in turn, can lead to erectile dysfunction. Performance anxiety can also stem from inexperience, especially for those who, for cultural or religious reasons, have limited or no experience of sex.

The accepted treatment for erectile dysfunction is Viagra but not only does it have more than 250 side effects, it also only addresses the symptoms, not the cause. Tantric massage deals with the cause of your anxiety, using techniques to help you to become a more skilled and confident lover.

Promotes Prolonged Lovemaking

Men take on average between two and seven minutes to orgasm, women average about 20 minutes. It doesn’t take a genius to see that such a disparity can sometimes lead to disappointment. Tantric massage works by retraining the mind and body to respond differently to sexual stimulation. Being able to voluntarily slow yourself down means you have plenty more time to help your partner to climax. It’s more satisfying for her and if you know she is pleased then it is ultimately more satisfying for you too.

So what have you got to lose? Not only will it make you a better lover but engaging in tantric massage will make you better at relationships too, promoting understanding and kindness as well as finding new and dynamic ways to relate to your partner. Your new-found confidence will shine through in life as well as the bedroom. If you’re in the area, give tantric massage in London a try with Karma Tantric and reap the benefits today




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    I recently lost a lot of weight & have been single for some time because I struggle with confidence in the bedroom. I hope booking an appointment with Karma will help me with this and maybe give me the confidence to join the dating world once again.

    • Georgia Karma

      Hi Sam, I know it can be difficult to get back out there after being single for a while. Our masseuses would love to help, give us a call and we will be happy to arrange the perfect Tantric experience for you. Look forward to hearing from you soon. X

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    Hi Erica. I have for many years struggled with maintaining an erection during sex. I have been reading up about tantra helping with pre-ejac issues and stumbled across your blog, great read and im looking forward to trying one of your massages